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Kukri Sports: More than just a sports brand

As a leading teamwear sports brand Kukri Sports is reshaping the landscape of sportswear and sports partnerships, going above and beyond the traditional role of a supplier. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Kukri offers a wide range of services and solutions that make them more than just a sports brand.

On offer is not only a supply of high quality bespoke, personalised and off the shelf apparel but also providing partners a host of additional benefits:

Dedicated Account Management: As a partner you will be provided a dedicated Personal Account Manager, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience.

Support at Partner Events: Supporting partner events is a key facet of Kukri, who support partners by engaging with their core audience effectively, whether it be at a university freshers’ event or international competitions.

Bespoke Designed Sportswear: Sportswear isn’t just a uniform; it’s a symbol of identity and belonging. Kukri Sports offers a rich variety of custom-designed sportswear, tailored to the unique requirements of each partner. They understand that personalized sportswear cultivates a profound sense of identity and belonging among fans and athletes. Through the incorporation of team colours, logos, and individual details, Kukri’s sportswear creations are the fabric of community, evoking deep emotional connections and a feeling of uniqueness.

Bespoke at Scale: The sports world often demands custom products on a grand scale, and Kukri is perfectly poised to meet this demand. Their well-established infrastructure, experienced design team, adaptable production processes, and a proven track record of reliable and timely delivery are the cornerstones of their ability to cater efficiently to the unique requirements of their partners. Notably, they’ve risen to the occasion for esteemed partners like Team England and England Athletics, ensuring the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Small Production Runs: Flexibility is Kukri’s forte. Whether you need unique items for a niche netball team or comprehensive apparel ranges for National Governing Bodies, their adaptable approach ensures that they can cater to the specific needs of both grassroots and elite-level sports organizations.

Global Presence, Local Support: With a global presence, Kukri Sports ensures local support for all partners. The business has offices in 7 countries, across 5 continents – Click here to find out more

In-house Design Support: Creating the perfect sportswear designs just got more accessible. Kukri’s in-house design team collaborates with partners to bring their visions to life.

Full Range of Sustainable Sportswear: Kukri is committed to sustainability, offering an entire range of eco-friendly sportswear options. Now, you can not only look good but also feel good about your choices and be kinder to the planet.

Online E-commerce Management: Managing e-commerce platforms can be complex, but with Kukri’s expertise, it’s a streamlined and efficient process for our partners.

Inclusive Sizing: In the world of sports, having the right-sized sportswear is essential. Kukri provides an extensive range of sizes to cater to all athletes, ensuring that everyone’s kit fits to perfection and enhances their performance.

Partnership Activation Management: It’s not just about having partnerships; it’s about making the most of them. Kukri Sports actively manages and activates partnerships to ensure maximum impact, helping partners achieve their goals and objectives with bespoke activations.

Kukri Sports is not just a sports brand; it’s dedicated in a world where sports bring people together and create lifelong memories, Kukri Sports is more than just a sports brand. They are your dedicated partner, committed to elevating the game from grassroots to elite levels. With top-quality sportswear and unwavering support, they redefine what it means to be part of a team. Kukri Sports is where identity, belonging, and excellence converge, and they’re making a significant impact on and off the field.

Bridging the Gap: A ‘Black In Sport’ Intern’s Experience with Kukri Sports

In recent years, the world of sports has seen significant strides towards diversity and inclusion. Organisations are realizing the importance of creating a more inclusive environment, both on and off the field. Kukri Sports recently took a significant step in this direction by hosting Ranée James, a student intern, in association with ‘Black In Sport’, for a two-week placement. From a business point of view the initiative aimed to provide a valuable insight into the world of sports from the perspective of a student.

Kukri’s decision to support a ‘Black In Sport’ intern arises from the growing need for increased diversity in the sports industry. Sports, being a universal language, should reflect the richness of diversity that the world offers. Kukri recognized the need to take active steps towards inclusivity, and this initiative showcases their ongoing commitment to this mission.

During her two-week placement Ranée had a significant impact on Kukri Sports’ approach to freshers’ events. With her unique perspective and insights, she contributed to making these events more engaging and welcoming for students of all backgrounds.

When discussing her thoughts on Kukri after completing her intern she mentioned “At Kukri, there is the intimacy there between the brand and the customer, there is more dedicated support provided that other brands don’t.

“Kukri is the perfect size to help give that attention to details customers need, whilst providing incredible kit, on not just a UK basis, but a global scale.”

Additionally, Ranée had the opportunity to review Kukri Sports’ social media accounts and website from a student’s point of view. In an age where online presence is paramount, it is crucial for companies to maintain a digital space that resonates with their target audience. Her feedback provided valuable insights into making the online experience more appealing and relatable to students.

On discussing her future after her internship Ranée concluded “Working with Kukri has helped me solidify the fact that I do want to work in Sports Marketing, because this is where I feel my roots lie, I feel I can make the strongest impact and meet the most incredible people and make a huge difference from grassroots all the way up to elite level.”

Kukri Sports Group Executive Chairman Andrew Ronnie commented;Ranée’s contribution during her internship was not just a valuable addition to our team; it was a testament to the significance of the ‘Black In Sport’ initiative. Her unique perspective and insights have not only enriched our approach but have also reminded us that diversity is the cornerstone of progress in the sports industry. We must continue to welcome, learn from, and celebrate talents like Ranee, as they shape the future of our brand and the world of sports.”

About Black In Sport

The Black in Sport Summit is an annual summit founded by a group of Loughborough University students, born out of frustration of the discrimination that black sportspeople face and the underrepresentation of black people in certain roles within sport.

It was formed to celebrate the achievements of black people across the sports Industry and built to change the narrative, celebrating the good, instead of only highlighting the bad. Black in Sport is a platform to amplify the conversation and inspire action – FIND OUT MORE

Kukri Sports: Global Reach, Local Support

In the modern world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a global reach. But while it’s important to be able to reach customers all over the world, it’s also important to be able to provide dedicated local support. That’s where Kukri Sports excels.

Kukri is a bespoke sportswear specialist with offices in seven regions the UK, Ireland, Canada, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. This allows the business to support customers from all over the world, whilst ensuring that customers get the personalised support they need.

One of the key benefits of the businesses size is the ability offer such a wide range of bespoke products and services to its customers. Kukri has a team of designers who are constantly working on new products and innovations.

In addition to its global reach, Kukri Sports is also committed to providing personalised local support to its customers, through its offices around the world. These offices are staffed by experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the sportswear market and can provide customers with a range of services, including order support, product advice, and returns processing.

Kukri’s commitment to global reach and local support has made it one of the leading bespoke sportswear specialists in the world. The company’s products and services are used by athletes and teams of all levels, from grassroots to elite. Kukri Sports is also a trusted partner of many educational institutions, professional teams and national governing bodies around the world, including Dubai College, England Athletics, Hong Kong China Men & Women, Team Canada and Waikato Rugby, plus many more.

Here are some examples of how Kukri’s level of support benefits its customers:

A professional rugby team in England can use Kukri Sports to design and produce a bespoke kit that meets the specific needs of the team and its players. Kukri’s team of designers and developers will work with the team to create a kit that is both stylish and functional. The local office in England will then oversee the production and delivery of the kit, ensuring that it is delivered on time and to budget.

A school in Australia can use Kukri Sports to order bespoke sportswear and leisurewear for its students. The businesses local office in Australia will work with the school to select the right products and to ensure that the sportswear is delivered on time and to budget.

A national governing body in Canada can use Kukri Sports to produce a custom kit for its national team. Kukri’s team of designers and developers will work with the national governing body to create a kit that is both stylish and functional. Kukri Sports’ local office in Canada will then oversee the production and delivery of the kit, ensuring that it is delivered on time and to budget.

Kukri Sports’ global reach and local support make it a unique and valuable partner for athletes, teams, educational institutions, and national governing bodies all over the world.

A match made in Barbados

Whilst Kukri Sports are renowned for providing sportswear for professional and international competitors, a recent partnership with the Barbados Olympic Association has seen an exciting new chapter, with designs created to reflect the flamboyant colours of the nation.

Barbados’ distinctive national colours of Blue and Gold represent the sea, sky and sands of the island and it was important that these featured heavily in the designs.

On receiving the designs Gail Craig Archer from the Barbados Olympic Association explains, “The pieces this year were an exceptional hit. The colours were vibrant especially when we paraded we stood out with the blend of blue and gold. The podium jackets were a statement piece and looked really good on the Parade even under lights.

 2023 saw Barbados competing in the recently concluded CAC Games El Salvador and Dominican Republic and the Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad and Tobago. In the CAC Games we came home with 9 medals overall.

2 Gold – Chelsea Tuach and Shane Brathwaite, 2 Silver medals Michelle Elliot and Mens 4 x 400m Hurdle team, Bronze, Jabali Breedy, Amber Joseph Cycling, Matthew Wright Triathlon, Roberta Foster Dressage and the Women’s Hockey Team.”

On the partnership as a whole Jamie Williams, Vice President – North America at Kukri Sports said “Kukri have partnered with Team Barbados in a variety of capacities since 2018, providing apparel for games such as Commonwealth, CAC, ANOC and Pan Am.  The relationship has gown during this time and seen other National bodies in Barbados use Kukri as their apparel provider, something we are very proud of. In 2023 Kukri presented a brand new look and feel to Team Barbados which was an instant hit with their own athletes and even athletes from other countries, determined to get their hands on the Barbados Kit! We look forward to helping Team Barbados showcase their iconic colours and identity at future multi-sport games.”

Earlier this summer the nation competed at the Central American & Caribbean Games, where the team recorded their best medal result since 2010, which included 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals.

The team will also be competing at the upcoming Parapan American Games in November, everyone at Kukri Sports wishes the team the greatest success!

Team Canada & Kukri Sports – A Partnership Built on Success

As the organization responsible for overseeing the Commonwealth sports activities in Canada, Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) has collaborated with Kukri Sports since the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Brisbane. For both the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games Kukri has supplied clothing for not only the Opening and Closing Ceremonies but also podium attire and delegation apparel

During the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham Team Canada recorded some fantastic successes, in total the team amassed a total of 149 medals including 40 gold.

CEO of CGAC Brian MacPherson recalls “For everyone associated to Team Canada we took great pride in the successes of all our sport teams taking part, but a particular highlight of the games was when all four Canada Teams won medals in the 3×3 Basketball tournaments – there was a terrific atmosphere at the venue, and it was a privilege to be there.”

Successes for Team Canada continued in 2023 as they took part in the Trinbago Commonwealth Youth Games, which took place on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Team Canada won a total of 17 medals, including 4 golds.

MacPherson also recalls the successes of the Youth Games, “The Trinbago Games was another fantastic event for everyone associated with Team Canada, whilst everyone taking part made the country proud the highlight for me was when both the Men’s and Women’s teams won gold in the Beach Volleyball events. However, a special mention should also be given to out Women’s Rugby and Netball teams for doing so well despite having very little preparation time together before the games.”

What has Team Canada’s partnership with Kukri Sports been like over the last 2 cycles?

“For Team Canada athletes the clothing is the ‘wrapping’ on the whole Games experience. As such it’s important that the clothing be comfortable, stylish and proudly Canadian!

Kukri understands this and by listening to our athlete’s opinions, combined with their attention to detail, the team have delivered for every one of our teams at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games!

Commonwealth Sport Canada is proud and privileged to have Kukri as its official apparel partner.” Brian MacPherson – CEO, Commonwealth Games Association of Canada.

Kukri Sports’ Vice President – North America, Jamie Williams, commented; “2022/23 was our 2nd games cycle partnering with Team Canada for both the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and then the Youth Games in Trinidad and Tobago.

Just like in 2018 the relationship has been fantastic. We were on site in Birmingham during the games, which gave us a unique perspective and an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from both staff and athletes, all of which was very positive. Being part of the opening ceremony was a real highlight and a fitting way to see 3 years’ worth of planning come to fruition.”

Commonwealth Sport Canada is the franchise holder for the Commonwealth sport movement in Canada. CSC supports Canada’s athletes to achieve excellence at Olympic and Paralympic Games and world championships, enriches the lives of youth across the Commonwealth and hosts the Commonwealth Games. Visit www.commonwealthsport.ca for information.

From grassroots through to international competitors Kukri Sports offer a wide range bespoke teamwear for over 100 different sports. To find out how we could help you – Get In Touch

Rugby Nova Scotial Partnership Extension

Kukri Sports are proud to announce a multi-year partnership extension with Rugby Nova Scotia, who have partnered with the business since 2013.

As part of the deal Kukri will continue to provide elite custom sportswear to athletes, coaches and supporters of this fantastic club.

Rugby Nova Scotia are the governing body for the sport of rugby within Nova Scotia, in Canada.

“Kukri Sports has been a exclusive apparel supplier to Rugby Nova Scotia over the last 10 years. Kukri Sports is proud to have our brand associated with an outstanding provincial association like Rugby Nova Scotia who continue to show tremendous development and growth at all age group levels. Kukri looks forward to supporting RNS by providing their athletes, coaches and supporters high quality clothing in 2023 and beyond” Jamie Williams, Vice President – Kukri Sports North America

“Rugby Nova Scotia has had a great long-standing relationship with Kukri over the last 10 years and have continually been pleased with the service and support that we received. The items we receive are always of high-quality, and the team works with us to ensure we get exactly what we are looking for every time.” Vanessa MacKinnon, Executive Director – Rugby Nova Scotia

If you are interested in partnering with Kukri Sports, or want to know how we can help – Get in touch.

Bowls Canada Contract Extension

Kukri Sports are proud to announce an extension of our ten-year partnership with Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB).

Our long-standing relationship with BCB has provided an extensive understanding of the needs of high performing bowls athletes and we look forward to offering more high-quality, creative designs for future competitions.

Anna Mees, CEO – Bowls Canada Boulingrin

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have Kukri Sports back on board as our Preferred Kit Supplier,”

“After a thorough request-for-proposal process, it was clear that Kukri Sports offers our athletes excellent product and service at a competitive price. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Kukri.” 

Jamie Williams, Vice President – Kukri Sports North America

‘We are delighted to extend our partnership with Bowls Canada who we have now partnered with for 10 years,”

“Throughout our partnership we have developed new products that National Team Athletes can wear with pride, whilst competing at various events around the world including the upcoming World Bowls tournament in Brisbane.  We look forward to supporting the team over the course of the next three years and wish them all well on their upcoming travels.”

Bowls Canada Boulingrin

BCB are the national lawn bowling governing body in Canada, with an aim to connect, inform and grow the bowls community across the country – Find out more

If you are interested in partnering with Kukri Sports, or want to know how we can help – Get in touch.

Scottish Gymnastics Partnership Extension

Kukri Sports are delighted to announce a four-year partnership extension with Scottish Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in Scotland. As part of the deal Kukri will continue to provide bespoke leisure and podium wear for all performance programmes and national teams.

This support will assist Scottish Gymnastics in delivering their athlete-centred, coach-led, performance-driven programmes which offer athlete development pathways across gymnastics disciplines.
The extension of the partnership is testament to the shared commitment to create a positive culture and experience centred around wellbeing and protection, allowing gymnasts and coaches to thrive and aspire to world-class performance.

Scottish Gymnastics chief executive officer Doc McKelvey said:
“Our vision is an uplifting gymnastics experience for all and providing appropriate, quality clothing for our national and region teams is an important part of that, ensuring they look and feel comfortable when they step out to represent Scotland. Kukri Sports is an integral part of that experience, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with them. This allows us to have a range of leisure kit which is suitable for gymnasts of all ages, coaches and support staff. We look forward to working together over the next four years.”

Kukri Sports sales director Josh Beal added:
“We are really proud to extend our partnership with Scottish Gymnastics. Having worked together since 2018 we have formed a fantastic relationship which we will grow further until at least 2026. Kukri are working on new ranges and designs, alongside Scottish Gymnastics, and we can’t wait to showcase this to all gymnasts in Scotland.”

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs Contact Us

About Scottish Gymnastics:
Scottish Gymnastics is the national governing body of gymnastics in Scotland. Their vision is an uplifting gymnastics experience for all, with shared values of inclusive, supportive, and aspirational to ensure gymnastics is enjoyable, safe, and open to everyone. The organisation has a membership of around 160 clubs and 30,000 gymnasts, coaches and officials. They are responsible for the governance and development of gymnastics across Scotland, supported by principal funding partner sportscotland and their other partners.

Special Olympics GB Partnership Announcement

Kukri Sports are proud to announce our new partnership with Special Olympics GB, ahead of this summer’s Special Olympics World Games.

As the new Official Kit Partner of Team Special Olympics GB for the next two years, Kukri will ensure that all 82 athletes (and unified partners), 35 coaches and eight support staff are supplied with its range of sportswear for the Special Olympics World Games.

As the new Official Kit Partner of Team Special Olympics GB for the next two years, Kukri Sports will ensure that all 82 athletes (and unified partners), 35 coaches and eight support staff are supplied with its range of sportswear for the Special Olympics World Games.

As the biggest inclusive sporting event of 2023, Berlin 2023 opens at the Olympiastadion Berlin on 17 June and will see more than 7,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities compete in 26 sports over nine days of competition.

Colin Dyer, Chief Executive of Special Olympics GB, said: “Team Special Olympics GB athletes are participating in 17 sports at Berlin 2023, so it’s great to know that they will be kitted out to perform in the best possible way.

Kukri Sports is one of the world’s most respected performance sportswear brands and it works with multiple teams and athletes at elite and grassroots level. We’re very excited to secure this new partnership and to work with the Kukri team on at least three major events in the Special Olympics GB major events calendar.”

Kukri Sports, which has released three items for Team Special Olympics GB supporters in its online store, will also supply for the 2024 National Winter Games and the 2025 World Winter Games through the partnership.

Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports, said: “We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as the sportswear partner of Team Special Olympics GB at the Berlin 2023 Special Olympics World Games.

It’s an honour to see our products worn by such talented athletes on a world stage. We believe that our high-performance sportswear will help the team achieve their best results and are delighted to be part of the event. We will be cheering the team on every step of the way

Team Special Olympics GB athletes participating at Berlin 2023 are part of the 6,500 athletes who regularly engage in sporting opportunities across England, Scotland and Wales.

Across the United Kingdom, Special Olympics GB is the largest provider of year-round sports training and competition for children and adults of all abilities with intellectual disabilities. Its registered athletes participate at one of the 95 accredited programmes, which are delivered by a devoted team of around 3,500 volunteers.

About Special Olympics GB

• Special Olympics Great Britain (GB), set up in 1978, is a non-profit charity which provides year-round sports coaching and athletic competition in summer and winter sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

• Special Olympics GB currently has 95 accredited programmes in England, Scotland and Wales and provides coaching and competition opportunities in 27 sports. These programmes are run by over 3,500 volunteers who support more than 6,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities to take part.

• Special Olympics GB is more than just an opportunity to take part in sport – it transforms lives.  It provides opportunities to increase confidence, realise potential, develop physical fitness and mental well-being, demonstrate courage and experience new friendships.  And above all for both athletes and their families – to have some FUN.

• The work of Special Olympics GB is currently funded by individuals, trust and corporate donations and financial support is crucial to enable us to continue our work.

• Over a quarter of British adults (27%) have had heard of Special Olympics GB and 98% think that it is an inspirational organisation. (Two Circles, National Representative Omnibus Survey for Special Olympics GB) 

About Special Olympics

• Special Olympics is a global, IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognised organization.

• Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver to end discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics now reaches more than five million athletes in over 190 countries.

• Unlike the Olympics and Paralympics which focuses on elite sport with events every four years, Special Olympics aims to offer opportunities for athletes of ALL abilities to take part in a range of sport every day of the week, every week of the year.

• About Intellectual Disability

• An intellectual disability (ID) is: ‘A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills (impaired intelligence) with a reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning) which started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development’ Source: Department of Health (2001) Valuing People.

• There are an estimated 1.5 million people with intellectual disabilities in Great Britain (Source: Papworth Trust 2010).

• Two hundred babies are born each week with intellectual disabilities in the UK (Source: Papworth Trust 2010).

• Eight out of ten children with intellectual disabilities are bullied and ALL are socially excluded. (Source: Mencap 2007).

• Changing social activities and a changing environment mean that younger generations* have more of a connection to or are aware of people with ID (*under 45 years old). (Two Circles, National Representative Omnibus Survey for Special Olympics GB)