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In the heart of Ireland’s vibrant sports culture, Kukri Sports stands as more than a sportswear provider; committed to elevating the game from grassroots to elite level by bringing athletes together and creating lifelong memories on and off the field. It’s this passion that fuels our dedication to supporting Irish sports at every level, from grassroots to national competitors.

At Kukri, our commitment extends across multiple sectors in Ireland, from schools and universities to grass roots, professional clubs and National Governing Bodies. The passion of Rugby, finesse of Netball and grace of Hockey resonate with us, driving our commitment to support these sports at every level.

Education plays a vital role in nurturing future athletes, and we provide elite sportswear and equipment to schools and colleges, enabling young talents to thrive and reach their full potential. Among these schools is Blackrock College, one of Kukri’s long-standing partners, who have woven their legacy into the fabric of the nation’s Rugby pride, as well as our other partner schools such as Bandon Grammar, St. Gerards, Alexandra College, Royal Belfast Academical Institution, Royal School Amargh and Wallace High School.

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With a focus on grassroots development, Kukri Sports actively collaborates with organisations, clubs, and teams to create opportunities for aspiring players. By offering custom-made kits, we aim to empower grassroots initiatives and strengthen the foundation of Irish sports.

In addition to our support at grass roots level, Kukri is also proud to be associated with esteemed professional partners in Ireland. Notably, our partnerships with Netball Northern Ireland, Pegasus Hockey Club and Ulster Rugby demonstrate our shared passion for these sports, further solidifying our commitment to the Irish sporting landscape.

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“At Kukri, we understand the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines Irish sports. Our commitment is to offer cutting-edge sportswear that not only meets the high performing standards of athletes at all levels, but also resonates with the rich sporting heritage in Ireland.

“We’re excited to continue to contribute to the success stories of athletes across various sports and play our part in elevating the standard of sports in Ireland.” – Neil Patterson, Country Manager for Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland, Kukri Sports.

With our deep understanding of the unique requirements of each sport, we strive to provide tailored solutions that enhance your performance and comfort.

Whether you’re at the grassroots level, representing an educational institution, or part of a professional club, Kukri is here to enhance your sporting experience and help you reach your sporting goals.

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