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Our Kukri Initiative

Our Kukri Initiative has been created to reflect our values and ongoing commitment to change, reducing our impact on the planet as well as continuing to care for those who manufacture and wear our product around the world. We can now offer all our customers the choice to be kinder to the planet with our full range of products available in a more sustainable fabric.


  • Reuse: using recycled materials where possible from packaging to fibres.
  • Reduce: Reduce our waste and impact on the planet.
  • Recycle: Recycling our products, otherwise heading for landfill.
  • Responsible: Maintain high ethical standards throughout the business and around the world.
  • Review: Regularly review our goals and challenge ourselves as a business to be as sustainable as possible.


Our RiMatch fabric is now available across a full range of products meaning you have the option to choose a fabric made up of recycled fibres retaining the durability and performance of a polyester yarn without the environmental impact of a virgin plastic.

As part of our ongoing commitment and improvement, our swing tickets, kimbles and packaging are also recycled.
We are reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill and redistributing excess stock and samples to charitable causes.


“At Kukri we understand the importance of working in a more sustainable way, which includes offering our partners and customers the opportunity to purchase products which are sustainably sourced. As a business we continue our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. We will continue to review our targets and challenge ourselves as a business to be as sustainable as possible”

Andrew Ronnie, Group CEO, Kukri Sports

If you want to chat about sustainably sourced teamwear, contact us for more information.