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Kukri Sports has been the official kit supplier for Philly Hockey club since 2012. Over the years, Kukri has consistently provided teams of all ages with high-quality custom-designed apparel, crafted from lightweight and breathable materials. These thoughtfully designed kits have not only enhanced the team’s performance and comfort on the pitch, but also helped elevate their presence and professionalism off the field.

By delivering superior sportswear that combines functionality with style, Kukri has played a vital role in supporting Philly Hockey Club’s growth and success throughout North America.

Based in the suburban Philadelphia area, Philly Hockey Club provide high levels of coaching across a wide range of ages, offering adult programmes, private lessons and group training as well as coaching to both boys and girls.

The coaching is available to players from beginner to advanced level, delivered in a competitive atmosphere which helps progress their athletes to high levels of tactical knowledge and technical skills.

Commenting on the successful partnership, Jamie Williams, Vice President at Kukri Sports North America, commented, “We are delighted to have been the sportswear supplier to Philly Hockey club since 2012, making them one of our longest-standing partners. The ability for us to provide a custom and unique identity has enabled the club to build a consistent brand identity.

“We are excited to be able to be part of this process, making some product and design suggestions that will continue to make the players look and feel their best on match day.”

Rennie Milne, Founder and Head Coach of Philly Hockey Club, said “We have been very happy with the continued development of the clothing lines over the years.

“We look forward to maintaining a great working relationship with Kukri for many years to come.”

More than a sportswear provider

Going beyond the role of a kit supplier, Kukri remains dedicated to being a true partner for Philly Hockey Club. The company will continue to collaborate closely with the club to develop custom designs that reflect the teams’ unique identity and traditions, making the players feel proud to step out onto the pitch.

We also continue to offer support for the club’s marketing and promotional initiatives, helping to further the exposure to the club’s programme and honourable legacy.

About Philly Hockey Club

Established in 2012 by Rennie Milne, Philly Hockey Club are based in the suburban Philadelphia area of United states. As a friend and family welcoming club, their vision is to continue introducing, developing and progressing athletes to high levels of tactical knowledge and technical skills to ensure they reach their highest levels.

The club have enjoyed many successes over the years, winning local, regional and national titles and leagues, including developing players that have gone on to play and study at prestigious university programmes across the USA.

A recent merger with Mystx Field Hockey Club has seen the development of the impressive Philly Sport Centre, a new year-round indoor training complex, which allows both staff and players being able to access programmes, tournaments, clinics and individual lessons.

As a committed partner, we are confident in the ongoing success of this partnership, helping their athletes to achieve greatness on and off the pitch.

Find out more about Philly Hockey Club.

Kukri partners with sports clubs worldwide, from grassroots teams to elite professional organisations. As well as America, our international presence spans across other key regions such as Europe, Asia and Australasia, catering to various sports such as rugby, cricket, netball, and field hockey. By providing custom-designed, high-performance apparel, Kukri helps athletes both excel and enhance their presence on and off the field.

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