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Kukri Sports Announces New Five-Year Partnership with Nottingham High School

United Kingdom

Kukri Sports is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with Nottingham High School, in a five-year collaboration as the official kit partner.

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to excellence in Sports and Education. Nottingham High School, renowned for its dedication to nurturing academic and sporting talents, has chosen Kukri as its exclusive supplier of sports kits, further enhancing the school’s sporting identity and performance.

Under this new partnership, Kukri will provide Nottingham High School with bespoke, high-quality sportswear tailored to the school’s specific requirements. From rugby and netball to hockey and cricket, Kukri will equip Nottingham High School’s athletes with cutting-edge sportswear, designed to maximize performance and instil a sense of pride on and off the field.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Nottingham High School,” said Josh Beal Sales Director at Kukri Sports. “As a company deeply committed to supporting education sports and fostering sporting talent, we are honoured to partner with such a prestigious institution. Together, we aim to empower Nottingham High School’s athletes to reach their full potential and achieve success both on and off the field.”

Richard Alexander OLY, Assistant Head, Co-Curricular Nottingham High School. “The partnership between Kukri Sports and Nottingham High School reflects a shared vision of promoting excellence, participation, teamwork, and respect within the diverse school community. Both parties are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and are committed to supporting the development of young athletes into a lifelong relationship with sport and fitness.

The partnership between Kukri and Nottingham High School reflects a shared vision of promoting Sporting wellbeing, athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship within the school community. Both parties are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring and are committed to supporting the development of young athletes into a lifelong relationship with sport.

About Nottingham High School

With over 500 years of history Nottingham High School is a prestigious independent, known for its academic excellence and rich tradition of sporting achievement. Committed to providing a holistic education, Nottingham High School offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities to its students – Find out more.

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Kukri Sports announces 3 prestigious school partnership extensions

United Kingdom

As a dedicated provider of sportswear for leading educational institutions globally, Kukri is delighted to announce its continuation of three more key partnerships. Following over a decade of collaboration with each of Bishop Stortford College, Reigate Grammar School and Kings College School Wimbledon, Kukri is set to renew these valued associations through long-term contracts.

The extensions include a 10-year partnership extension with Bishop Stortford College, a 5-year commitment with Reigate Grammar School, and an additional 5-year collaboration with Kings College School Wimbledon.

With a history of over a decade of partnership, Kukri Sports has become an integral part of the fabric of these institutions, reflecting their commitment to excellence and shared values. Through these renewals, Kukri reaffirms its dedication to supporting the sporting endeavours of schools and nurturing the next generation of athletes.

Russell McCluskey – Director of Sport, Kings College School Wimbledon

“It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Kukri as our sports supplier here at King’s. Whether it be the ease of communication, the quality of the kit for both pupils and staff, or the efficiency of the turnaround at those crucial times of the school year, we have neem delighted with the service.”

Evan Stewart – Director of Sport at Bishop Stortford College

“One of our key ambitions at the College, is that all pupils are happy to be engaged in meaningful physical activity, and enjoy all aspects of sport, health, and fitness. Our partnership with Kukri supports us in delivering this ambition, by providing bespoke kit for pupils, so they look and feel comfortable when training and representing the College in matches.”

George Browning – Director of Sport at Reigate Grammar School

“RGS and Kukri have a long-standing relationship which we are delighted to have recently extended.  Our students will continue to benefit from high quality sports kit for years to come from a provider that is supportive of what we are trying to achieve as a school”. 

The partnerships are another example of Kukri’s standing and commitment to providing market leading products and services to education providers who prioritize excellence in academics and sport.

We are delighted to continue our partnerships with these three elite education providers. All three share our commitment to excellence, and we are proud to support their sporting activities by providing high-quality, bespoke-designed teamwear,” said Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports. “The extensions are a testament to the strong relationships we have built over the years and our dedication to meeting the unique needs of each school’s sporting community.”

The partnership announcements come at an exciting time for the business as we look forward to another exciting year, which will include some fantastic sporting events featuring our partners, including the commencement of the 2024 cricket season, featuring both Somerset CCC and Yorkshire CCC, the prestigious Hong Kong Sevens competition and the Netball Super League, featuring reigning champions Loughborough Lightning and Severn Stars, plus much more.

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Following the conclusion of the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens tournament, we were delighted to have supported the world-class rugby action that unfolded in Hong Kong.

Kukri Sports served as a vital partner of the tournament for the 19th consecutive year, contributing to the energy and excitement in the last ever tournament at the iconic Hong Kong Stadium.

We were proud to be the kit supplier for both Hong Kong China men and Hong Kong China women’s teams, as well as providing an official Hong Kong Sevens merchandise range that featured a wide range of products including replica shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and accessories.

The 2024 Hong Kong Sevens, which marked 30 years at Hong Kong Stadium, took place from 5-7 April, living up to its reputation by delivering three days of action-packed matches, electrifying atmosphere and a vibrant celebration as the HK7s returned to its very best.

Hong Kong China men’s team made history by being crowned champions of the inaugural Melrose Claymores competition, whilst Hong Kong China women’s team also displayed their talent, narrowly missing out on glory after reaching the final.

Reflecting on a memorable Hong Kong Sevens, Bryn Phillips, a member of the Hong Kong China men’s team said, “Winning the Melrose claymores tournament was a proud moment for us as a team. With our ambition to be number one team in Asia, and to showcase and perform like that in front of a sell out home crowd was a special feeling. To celebrate and share the moment of victory with fans post-game was unforgettable.”

“I was a huge fan of this year’s retro throwback Kukri kit. The striped style and design drew inspiration from some of the earlier years and brought up iconic memories of the likes of Rowan Varty and Tom McQueen wearing it. 

“The collars and buttons are from shirts of old, but the lightness and fit meant they felt like a performance shirt. It was amazing to see so many of this year’s replica jerseys in the stands and they look great in both the red and blue versions.”

Chong Ka-yan, a member of the Hong Kong China Women’s team, added, “I’m happy to have played in the final. It was great to play with this team and in such a fabulous environment.

“We played as a team. Every moment we played well, like making tackles, going forward, scoring tries, we celebrated every little thing and supported each other, and it served us well throughout the HK7s. 

“Kukri’s designs were a great variety kits for us, tailor-made for our specific needs on the pitch. Also the range of products in our training kits and leisure wear were comfy and high quality, which helped us perform to our potential.”

The Hong Kong Sevens is a true testament to the spirit of rugby, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the incredible showcase of talent and excitement witnessed during this year’s fantastic tournament,” said Clare Millington, Asia General Manager at Kukri Sports.

“It’s been a privilege to not only supply the official HK7s merchandise, but also support both the Hong Kong China teams with their kits as they competed with passion and determination.”

As the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens concluded, Kukri extends its congratulations to all the teams that participated and celebrates the success of this year’s tournament.

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Kukri Sports and Northern Ireland Volleyball Extend Partnership


Kukri Sports are thrilled to announce an extension to its successful partnership with Northern Ireland Volleyball, the National Governing Body for the sport. The renewed collaboration reinforces Kukri’s unwavering commitment to the development and growth of the sport across the region.

Northern Ireland Volleyball plays a pivotal role in nurturing the sport, from grassroots level to elite competition. Through the extended partnership Kukri will continue to provide playing kit and leisurewear for the Northern Ireland squads, to look the part both on and off the court.

“At Kukri Sports we are deeply passionate about supporting athletes and sports communities,” said Neil Patterson, Country Manager for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland at Kukri Sports. “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Northern Ireland Volleyball, an institution that shares our commitment to fostering talent, promoting inclusivity and driving excellence in the sport. Together, we will continue to elevate the sport and empower athletes across Northern Ireland.”

The partnership extension will see Kukri Sports working closely with Northern Ireland Volleyball to provide customized teamwear, training gear, and equipment solutions tailored to the specific needs of volleyball players and clubs throughout the region. By leveraging Kukri Sports’ expertise in sports apparel and equipment, Northern Ireland Volleyball aims to enhance the quality of resources available to its members and further advance the sport’s development.

Johnny McClenaghan, Treasurer NI Volleyball commented, “We’re delighted to extend our partnership with Kukri Sports. As we continue to develop our offering to our players, coaches and referees, the support and professionalism from Kukri has been second to none. The quality of the apparel and the timeliness deliveries has made a huge difference to how our squads operate and the online store has taken away a major headache from our team managers. We hope to continue to grow this partnership long into the future as we continue to grow the sport here in Northern Ireland.”

This partnership signifies a fusion of innovation and tradition on the volleyball court, aiming to enhance the overall sporting experience for Northern Ireland Volleyball players and fans alike. For more information on Northern Ireland Volleyball, please visit  

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United Kingdom

Kukri Sports is thrilled to unveil its latest campaign, Get Fit month. Set to unfold throughout April to coincide with lighter nights and better weather, this initiative aims to ignite a passion for exercise and shine a spotlight on the many benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

As a leading provider of sportswear that empowers athletes worldwide, we are excited to bring you an entire month of content dedicated to providing tips, advice, and inspiration directly from our professional partners who embody the spirit of dedication and perseverance, alongside highlighting the products that bring out the best in our athletes, wherever you are on your fitness journey.

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and motivation you need to reach new heights in your personal fitness goals. From workout inspiration, nutrition tips, injury prevention and mental resilience, we’ve got you covered.

Kukri continues to champion a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis by:

Providing Quality Sportswear

Our high-quality sportswear is meticulously engineered for comfort and durability, empowering athletes to move with confidence and ease during workouts and sporting activities.

Innovative Designs

With a strong focus on innovation, we continually develop cutting-edge designs that blend style with functionality, ensuring that individuals look and feel their best while staying active and participating in their sport.

Supporting further initiatives

We are committed to fuelling athletes’ success beyond providing sportswear, aiming to contribute to their holistic development by providing financial support for a wide range of initiatives.

“We firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to overall well-being, and at Kukri Sports, we are committed to empowering individuals to lead happier, healthier lives.”Andrew Ronnie, Group CEO at Kukri Sports.

Follow us throughout April as we showcase expert advice from professionals and give an insight into our athletes’ training routines. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, join us on this exciting move towards a healthier, more active tomorrow.

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Kukri Sports: Expanding into New Territories, Empowering Athletes Worldwide

World News

As a leading bespoke sportswear provider for the last 25 years, Kukri Sports is embarking on an exciting journey of expansion into new territories, including Saudi Arabia, China and South Africa. With a strong presence already established in Canada, Ireland, the UK, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Kukri is well-equipped to extend its global reach and offer unparalleled support to athletes, clubs, and educational providers in these dynamic regions.

In regions like Saudi Arabia, where sports participation is experiencing significant growth and diversification, Kukri’ expansion promises to meet the rising demand for high-quality sportswear. By offering personalized design consultations, efficient logistics, and distribution channels, Kukri ensures that athletes in Saudi Arabia have access to apparel that not only meets their performance needs but also reflects their unique identity and aspirations.

Similarly, in South Africa, a country renowned for its passionate sports culture and rich sporting heritage, Kukri’s entry into the market opens doors for local clubs and schools to access world-class sportswear solutions. By understanding the specific challenges and aspirations of the South African sporting community, Kukri Sports is well-positioned to provide tailored support that facilitates growth and success at all levels of the sports ecosystem.

“I am thrilled by Kukri Sports’ expansion into Saudi Arabia, China and South Africa. Our commitment to excellence and passion for empowering athletes transcend borders, and we are excited to bring our top-quality sportswear and unwavering support to these dynamic regions, fostering growth and success at every level of the sporting community.”Andrew Ronnie, CEO of Kukri Sports

As Kukri Sports continues to push boundaries and expand its reach into new frontiers, one thing remains constant: their unwavering dedication to excellence and their belief in the transformative power of sport. In Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, and beyond, Kukri Sports is not just outfitting athletes; they’re shaping the future of sports and inspiring a new generation of champions across continents.


Ireland | United Kingdom

Kukri Sports is thrilled to announce the extension of its partnership with rising Irish boxing star, Kieran Molloy.

The new agreement solidifies our commitment to supporting Kieran in his development, and highlights our dedication to supporting talented athletes on their journey to greatness.

Kieran, a professional boxer from Galway, Ireland, has emerged as one of the most promising talents in the world of boxing. With an impressive record of victories under his belt, including notable wins in national and international competitions, Molloy continues to capture the attention of boxing fans with his exceptional skill and exciting in-ring performances.

The 25-year-old will be hoping to build on his impressive record after pushing his slate to 7-0 as a professional with a round one technical knockout victory over Daniel Sostre on his U.S. debut in Boston.

“I am delighted to be extending my partnership with Kukri Sports”, said Kieran Molloy.

“They continue to provide me with unparalleled quality Boxing sportswear and embody the values of passion, ambition, professionalism and inclusivity.

These attributes mirror my own version for my future in Boxing, a vision where hard work, attention to detail, dedication and teamwork will lead me to No.1 in the world.”

As part of the extended partnership, Kukri will continue to provide Molloy with high-quality training and fight wear tailored to enhance his performance.

Kukri also recently launched the official Kieran Molloy Range, which includes t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, with each piece designed to embody the tenacity and determination that defines Kieran.

Shop the Kieran Molloy merchandise range.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Kieran Molloy,” said Andrew Ronnie, Group CEO at Kukri Sports. “He exemplifies the dedication, talent, and passion that we admire in athletes, and we are proud to support him on his journey to becoming a boxing superstar.

The launch of the Kieran Molloy merchandise range further strengthens our commitment to providing his fans with innovative and stylish sportswear, whilst also supporting him throughout his exciting journey.”

Kieran, who recently signed a deal with GBM Sports, will next feature on 20 April at the Magna Centre in Rotherham.

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World News

In the dynamic world of sports, psychology plays a pivotal role in shaping athletes’ performance and mindset. Understanding this fundamental connection, Kukri Sports recognises that sportswear isn’t just about style; it’s a strategic tool that empowers athletes to excel in their sport.

Partnering with prestigious institutions such as the Hong Kong Sevens, we provide elite sportswear that elevates performance and fosters team spirit.

Athletes are not just physical entities; their mental state significantly influences their performance. From motivation and application to resilience and determination, psychology underpins every aspect of athletic achievement.

Sportswear is more than just clothing; it’s a symbol of pride, togetherness and identity that each individual represents. The right sportswear provides athletes with comfort, enabling them to perform at their peak in their sport.

At Kukri, we meticulously integrate psychological principles into the design and production of our partner’s kits. Each garment is crafted with precision to enhance performance, boost confidence and enhance team unity, ensuring that athletes feel empowered both mentally and physically when stepping out onto the pitch.

Our latest design for Loughborough Lightning Netball team’s new dress incorporates a sense of pride, championing their 2023 Netball Super League triumph by adding an additional lightning bolt which represents how many titles they have won to date.

This design fills them with pride, celebrating their hard-won achievements. It reminds them of the journey they’ve taken, with its highs and lows, to reach greatness.

Victoria Burgess, Head Coach at Loughborough Lightning Netball Team, explained, “Kukri is a fantastic brand that consistently plays a huge part in our performances each season. The pride the athletes feel when putting on the Lightning dress is inspiring, and their focus on producing the best apparel for our athletes is vital, the design and comfort of the dresses plays a critical part in us allowing to produce consistent performances.

Through our ongoing exploration of sports psychology, Kukri remains committed to empowering athletes to conquer challenges and achieve greatness.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Join the ranks of athletes who trust us to elevate their performance. Contact us today to discover how our sportswear can fuel your success.


World News

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Kukri Sports reaffirms its commitment to empowering and supporting women in sports.

With a proud history of supporting female athletes across multiple sports for 25 years, Kukri recognises the vital role women play in driving innovation, leadership and excellence in the sporting world.

International Women’s Day serves as a poignant reminder of the progress made towards gender equality. Kukri recognises the importance of creating a level playing field for women in sport, with the hope that creating innovative designs will inspire the next generation of female athletes.

In line with its commitment to women in sport, Kukri has undertaken various initiatives to support and empower female athletes, including:

Sponsorship & Partnership:

As a leading sportswear supplier, Kukri continues to extend its reach across multiple sports, from England Lacrosse to UBC Women’s Rugby team based in Vancouver, Canada.

Kukri is also extending its offer beyond supply elite sportswear, helping to provide support for athletes in their wider development. This is shown through our long-standing partnership with Pegasus Hockey Club, one of the most successful clubs in the history of Irish Hockey.

In our partnership with the all-Women’s club, over 5,000 kits have been meticulously crafted for peak performance and have inspired countless players, some of which have gone on to triumph at international level.

Read more about the partnership.

Customised Sportswear:

From elite athletes to grassroots, Kukri ensures that women have access to sportswear that enhances their performance and confidence on and off the field.

Every kit has a story, from Rugby School’s interconnected jigsaw pieces forming a complete individual wearing the kit, to featuring all affiliated clubs with the Yorkshire Cricket Board that have a women’s and/or girls’ section on Northern Diamonds’ T20 Vitality Blast shirt design.

Scholarship Fund Contributions:

Kukri has also invested in scholarship funds for several of its partner universities, helping students to pursue and achieve their performance related goals in their selected sports.

At Worcester University, over 61 students are benefitting from the scholarship, including second year Sport and Exercise Student, Niamh Williams, who has gone on to represent England U20’s rugby team.

Supporting Athletes’ Performance:

Kukri is also involved in various initiatives with partners to support athletes’ performance, such as providing philanthropic funding for Loughborough University to support their joint study with West Ham United women’s team.

This three-year study aims to make a tangible contribution to women’s sport by investigating the performance characteristics of female footballers from youth age to first-team level.

Read more about the groundbreaking study here.

“We’re all incredibly proud of the unique sporting ecosystem at Loughborough University that undoubtedly contributes to women’s sport“, said Richard Wheater, Director of Sport at Loughborough University.

“Our partnership with Kurki Sports plays a key role in this vision and we’re thrilled to be working collaboratively as women’s sport continues to flourish.”

“At Kukri, we firmly believe that every athlete, regardless of gender, deserves equal opportunities to succeed. We are fully committed to not just supplying elite kit across multiple sports, but also offering support through other empowering initiatives that will enable women to thrive and showcase their talents.” Andrew Ronnie, Group CEO at Kukri Sports.

Kukri reaffirms its commitment to empowering women in sport and driving positive change within the sporting landscape. By consistently advocating and offering our support, our commitment persists in shaping a future where women enjoy equal opportunities to excel in their chosen sport.

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