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As part of our focus on rugby this month, we are proud to be able to showcase some of our rugby partners from around the world.

At Kukri Sports, we are committed to providing our rugby partners with the highest quality sportswear, designed to help players perform at their best whilst wearing kit that is durable, comfortable and stylish.

Kukri has a long-standing history of providing elite sportswear and merchandise, tailored to meet the unique needs of rugby players. With deep-rooted values centered around performance, passion, and precision, we have cultivated a global presence in the world of rugby and are renowned for our dedication and commitment to innovation.

This is channelled through our rugby partners around the world, from our relationships with partners such as Ulster Rugby and Waikato Rugby.

Over the coming weeks, we will be shining a light on the relationships with our rugby partners from around the world and how we help to provide support at all levels with cutting-edge kit designs and a commitment to innovation at all levels.

As part of this series, the next rugby partner we will be focusing on is North Brisbane Rugby Club.

North Brisbane Rugby Club

Kukri is the proud apparel partner for North Brisbane Rugby Club, otherwise known as Norths Rugby Club, providing them with cutting-edge kit designs for the 2023 season and beyond. This includes all ages, from the teams competing in the Queensland Premier Rugby to the teams competing in the Junior Rugby Competition.

The club fields eight teams in the Senior Men’s competition, one team in the Premier Women’s competition and 25 Junior Boy’s teams and three junior Girl’s teams competing in various formats of the game.

North’s Rugby Club are a Premier Rugby Club that were formed in 1991 following a merger between Redcliffe Rugby Club Teachers Norths. The club have teams from the 1st to 6th grade, as well as Colts 1-3 & a Women’s team.

Following an alliance with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2001, in which QUT eventually moved away from an emphasis on sport, Norths decided to server their alliance in 2008 and stand alone as North Brisbane Rugby Club.

North’s have had many players that have represented the Wallabies (Australian national rugby union team), including Dick Marks, John Cornes, Geoff Richardson and Chris Roche. The latter, a star player for North’s during the 1970s and 1980s, was appointed as the club’s Coaching Director in 2005, fostering a strong relationship with players from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and recruited many players of PNG heritage to the club.

The 2016 season saw North’s take significant steps forward under the guidance of new President Kieran Prideaux, new committee and coaches. Their Premier grade notched up five wins, and reserve grade and first grade notched up six wins a piece.

North’s have continued to make great strides on and off the field in recent years, notching many memorable wins art home and away, including two victories over staunch rivals Brothers during the 2018-19 season.

Looking forward to the partnership ahead, Nigel Statham, General Manager at Norths Rugby Club, said “Norths Rugby Club has just concluded the first of a multi-year partnership with Kukri; the way the kit has held up to the rigours of a playing season has impressed all round. We look forward to continuing our partnership into 2024 and beyond.”

To find out more about Norths Rugby Club, click here.

Grasshoppers Club Zürich Rugby

Grasshopper Club Zürich Rugby (GCZ) was founded in 1968 and is the second oldest rugby club in Switzerland.

Kukri’s relationship with GCZ dates back almost two decades. Kukri are proud to be the kit suppliers of Grasshoppers Club Zürich Rugby’s on and off-field sportswear and merchandise.

They have four teams, which consist of three men’s teams and one women’s team, with both the Men’s first team and Women’s first team playing in the highest Swiss league.

The Men’s team have enjoyed recent successes, with the first team winning two of the last three Swiss Championships, and the second team winning this year’s league title. Their Women’s team are also one of the most successful rugby sides in Switzerland, winning the league consecutively between 1998 and 2011.

Click here to find out more about their history.

Speaking on the relationship, Tim Voegtli, men’s first team player at Zürich Rugby Club, said “The relationship goes back almost 20 years where Kukri have been supplying apparel and merchandise for the club since 2009. At the time rugby was a sport in Switzerland that relied solely on expatriates and Zürich being an international city benefitted from of it. The designs from old, classic jerseys still pop up at club home games proudly donned by the now no longer active players of the club.

“The flexibility in design for on and off-field merchandise helped expand the merchandise selection we could offer to our players and fans and have our logo more visible around Zürich.”

To learn more about our global rugby partnerships, click here.

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Stay tuned for more exclusive rugby content coming soon.

Rugby in Focus: A month of exclusive content

In the upcoming weeks, as we celebrate this year’s Rugby World Cup, Kukri Sports is set to unveil a collection of exclusive content dedicated to the sport.

This content will not only provide access to behind the scenes insights into our rugby partners, but also a deeper insight into how we support individual players and help them perform at maximum levels on the pitch. We will also delve into the innovative design components of our professional club kits, which are incorporated into the kits of grassroots clubs around the world.

Our journey in the sport of rugby has been shaped by our strong global partnerships, which include Ulster Rugby and Waikato Rugby, as well as being the long-standing sponsor and official merchandise supplier for the prestigious Hong Kong Sevens.

Kukri is also the proud kit supplier for many teams at grassroots level, including Dungannon RFC, Rugby School, North’s Rugby and Dubai College. Click here to find out more about our rugby partners.

Our kit designs are the result of tireless and cutting-edge innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of rugby players at all levels. With advanced technology and materials, our kits offer superior performance, durability and comfort.

Speaking about the campaign, Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports, said, “This campaign is a testament to our dedication to providing athletes with elite level sportswear. Through our innovative rugby offerings and valued collaborations, we’re proud to be the kit supplier and partner of many rugby teams all over the world and remain committed to providing solutions for teams at all levels.” 

From behind the scenes content with rugby stars to glimpses into our designs for partners all over the world, join us on this exciting journey as we honour the game, our partners, and the global rugby community.

For the latest updates and exclusive content throughout this campaign, visit the news section on our website and follow us on social media.

Click here to design your rugby kit and find out more about our rugby partners.



Kukri Sports proudly congratulates Jess Bailey, one of its Youth Talent Programme Ambassadors, on her exceptional performances representing Team England at this year’s Commonwealth Youth Games.

Team England’s squad of 57 athletes competed in four of the sports and 65 medal events over the six days of the competition. They won 49 medals – 16 gold, 23 silver and 10 bronze – placing the team second in the overall medal table.

Reflecting on the experience, Jess admitted her journey to represent Team England at the Commonwealth Youth Games has been a dream come true. “Having the opportunity to represent Team England has been one of the best experiences of my life,” shared Jess. “It’s a crazy feeling to pull on the England vest and represent your country, especially at a competition as prestigious as the Commonwealth Youth Games, and this feeling is one I am very grateful to have experienced.”

Competing in the 3000m event and finishing 4th in a time of 9:38.08, Jess faced a unique set of challenges. “One of the biggest challenges in my event was the heat and humidity. I tried to prepare for this beforehand by going in the sauna several times in the final weeks before we left for the Games, but the run was still unbelievably hard in difficult conditions.”

“Fortunately, the 3000m was on the last day, and by that time we had adapted to the heat. The heat barely even crossed my mind during the race.”

The Commonwealth Youth Games is not only a platform for showcasing athletic prowess, but also a celebration of unity and camaraderie amongst the athletes. Jess shared her experience, saying, “The games definitely felt like it was set up in a way to encourage different nations to make friends.

“All the athletes had been given their nations badge to trade with other nations, which got all the different countries talking and encouraged all of us to make friends and talk to people we wouldn’t have met otherwise. I thought that was brilliant and I made many international friends because of it.”

Drawing on from her journey, Jess offered insightful advice to young athletes aspiring to reach international levels of competition and represent Team England in the future. “My advice would be to just stick with it,” she encouraged. “It’s easy to get hyper focused on just one race / championships, getting disappointed and, if it doesn’t work out, forgetting the bigger picture.

“Disappointment is part of the sport and can be used as motivation as long as it’s managed well.”

Jess also expressed her gratitude for the pivotal figures who have supported her athletics journey. “My dad is definitely the person who, without a doubt, I would never have made it as far in athletics,” she acknowledged. “Both my dad and Mum know me so well and I’m so grateful to have them both by my side.”

Looking forward, Jess’s aspirations extend beyond personal achievements. “I want to make a career out of athletics,” she revealed. “I love training and getting to spend every day dedicated to this sport [athletics] would be a dream come true!”

Kukri would like to congratulate Jess and all of the Team England athletes on their fantastic achievements at this year’s Commonwealth Youth Games.

We were proud to provide the kit that helped athletes to thrive in their sport and be honoured to represent their country.

Click here to relieve this year’s Commonwealth Youth Games.



Over the last month, we are proud to have run a campaign honouring the achievements and commitment of para-athletes across a variety of sports.

The campaign sought to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the talent and perseverance of para-athletes, as well as highlighting our dedication to promoting inclusivity in sports, and creating a level playing field for all athletes, regardless of their physical abilities.

Among the remarkable stories during the campaign was the interview with Egyptian Badminton star, Yasmina Eissa, and Loughborough’s Head of Para Sport, Alasdair Donaldson.

Eissa, formerly the Vice Chair of the Para Sports Exec at Loughborough University, spoke of her excitement about the future of para sports, whilst Donaldson explained more on Loughborough University’s efforts and commitment in creating an inclusive sporting landscape for their students.

Click here to read the full interview.

We also collaborated with Special Olympics Great Britain, speaking with talented athletes, Matthew Brough, who competes in tennis, and Ethan Orton, who competes in badminton. Both athletes reflected on their triumphs at this year’s World Games in Berlin, and how they aim to use their experience of the Special Olympics to encourage more disabled athletes to participate in sport.

Click here to read the full interview.

YTP Ambassador Amy Thompson’s recent victory in the Women’s Ambulant shot put at the Senior & Para Open Championships is another step towards her long-term goals. Thompson, who also equalled her personal best in the Women’s Under-18 shot put at Loughborough Pathway Internationals, touched on the barriers she has overcome and her aim to make sport more inclusive in the future.

Click here to watch the full interview.

Speaking about the campaign, Andrew Ronnie, Group Executive Chairman at Kukri Sports, said, “We are very proud to have launched this campaign dedicated to shining a light on para-athletes. The accomplishments of these athletes are a testament to them and their relentless dedication, and we are proud to continue to provide elite sportswear that will help them perform at their best and feel comfortable whilst competing.”

Kukri remains dedicated to advancing inclusivity in sports and creating a more accessible and supportive environment for all athletes.

We are proud to be partnered with British Wheelchair Basketball and Special Olympics, as well as a host of Universities, schools and clubs in supporting their para-athletes across a wide range of sports.

Supporting para-sports: Exclusive interview with Egyptian Badminton star and Loughborough’s Head of para sport

As part of Kukri Sports’ ongoing commitment to celebrating the accomplishments and perseverance of para-athletes, we are proud to present an exclusive interview featuring Alasdair Donaldson, Head of Para Sport at Loughborough, and Egyptian badminton star, Yasmina Eissa.

Yasmina Eissa, an Egyptian badminton player and current Loughborough university student, shared her inspiring journey into the world of para sports. “I’ve always been passionate about badminton and was very active when I was younger, competing in a variety of sports.

“When my coach discovered para sports and encouraged me to participate in the World Championships in Korea, it opened up a whole new world for me. I realised the potential of para-badminton and how it allows athletes like me to excel. From there, I knew that was the sport I wanted to continue competing in moving forwards.”

Eissa, who was also the Vice Chair of the Para Sports Exec at Loughborough University this year, continues to play her part in striving towards inclusivity. “Throughout the year we have enjoyed a lot of events, whether that be the ‘Para Sports takeover week’, where we get a lot of people to learn more about para sports and try out para sports such as Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball.

“It allows students with disabilities to come out and play their sport, which they wouldn’t have been able to do in the past because it wasn’t as inclusive.”

Expressing her excitement about the future of para sports, Eissa said, “I believe that para sports can achieve even greater recognition and exposure, just like women’s sports. London 2012 was a turning point for the Olympics, and I hope to see more coverage and opportunities for para-athletes on a global stage.

“I think there’s a lot of misconceptions when you think of the Paralympics, so for me it’s about debunking any myths or stereotypes, and really showing people what it actually is and the talent within it.”

Alasdair Donaldson, who was appointed Loughborough University’s new Head of Para Sport last year following almost ten years at British Triathlon, has played a pivotal role in promoting para sports at Loughborough University.

Donaldson, who graduated from Loughborough University in 1998, shared his thoughts on the university’s long-standing history of supporting para-athletes. “Para sports is not a new thing at Loughborough University, but the focus on it is.

“We have witnessed some exceptional athletes over recent years like Tanni Grey-Thompson, one of Britain’s greatest Paralympic athletes, Clare Griffiths, and Dan Greaves, who have all graduated from Loughborough and achieved incredible success in their respective para sports careers.

The university has been a nurturing ground for para-athletes, fostering an inclusive environment where they train alongside their non-disabled peers.”

Highlighting the university’s commitment to supporting para-athletes in balancing their athletic pursuits and studies, Donaldson said, “The focus goes on the person first; they are here to be students, and we work with them to find a balance between their athletic commitments and academic studies.

“Our cooperative and integrated coaching and support teams ensure that all student-athletes, regardless of their abilities, receive the necessary assistance to thrive and flourish in their sport.”

Donaldson emphasised Loughborough university’s commitment to creating an inclusive sporting landscape and their ambitious plans for the future. “We want to ensure para athletes get the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers.

“We are establishing a Universities/Higher Education working group, where para sports will take the front seat. Our aim is to make every one of our 62 Athletics clubs inclusive and welcoming to everyone who wants to participate.”

Donaldson also touched on Loughborough university’s dedication to increasing the provision for disabled students to engage in sports. “We want to make sure that those who were told at school that sports wasn’t for them have the opportunity to participate. We aim to expand para-coaching provisions with various sports and encourage disabled participants to become confident leaders in sports.

We go into the community and bring the community into us as effectively as we can. The work done by our students, like Abbie Breakwell, who runs participatory events for wheelchair tennis every week, is a testament to the positive impact of community engagement in developing sports for everyone.”

Kukri remains committed to championing para sports and promoting the stories of exceptional athletes like Yasmina Eissa.

Kukri are proud partners of Loughborough University – providing brand-new match apparel, training and leisurewear across the whole of Loughborough’s varied sporting offer. Click here to find out more about them.

Keep an eye out for more para sports content coming soon.

Kukri Sports Partners’ Compete at The World School Games

Recently, two prestigious educational institutions affiliated with Kukri Sports participated in the annual World School Games Netball Cup, which took place at Loughborough University (another prominent partner of the company).

World School Games Event Series

The World School Games is a series of events each year across a range of different sports, including Netball, Basketball and Swimming.  Competitors are drawn from a variety of leading education providers across the world.

Scott Macfarlane – Director at World School Games

“We are thrilled to welcome more than 30 schools from 5 different countries to the World’s #1 University for sport, Loughborough, for the third edition of the World School’s Netball Cup.

The World School Games event series is a global celebration of competition, diversity and friendship where young athletes represent their schools, countries and families with pride, passion and class.

Find out more about The World School Games

Two Kukri partner schools taking part in the event were Dubai College (DC) and Dubai English Speaking School (DESC), who both understand the benefits the tournament offers its students.

Dubai College Director of Netball Lucia Sdao

“It’s a fantastic competition! we came last year for the first time and actually won in all 3 age groups. It is really beneficial for us to visit another country and play against different opposition styles. After the COVID-19 restrictions ended it was important for the students to visit different locations and experience other sporting cultures.

Whilst some of our students are British, many aren’t and it’s a great experience to bring them over to the UK and visit Loughborough University and experience the fantastic facilities and see the athletes walking around campus.

We have a robust DC Netball programme, which involves early mornings, lunch times, after school training and competitions at weekends, and lots of the girls compete in the Dubai leagues. We also have full on strength and conditioning programmes, ran by our Head of Performance Justin Walsh.

Whilst it is important to win, the main focus of the team is on their performance and how they compete against the other schools taking part, whilst focusing on long-term development.

At DC with have over 300 girls who take part in netball, and our focus is allowing any netballer being the best player they can be.”

DESC Netball Coach Amanda Newton

“Our students are very excited to participate in The World School Games, especially as they don’t get a lot of opportunity to compete against other schools in Dubai. It’s a great opportunity to travel and play in something that is more than a training environment. They are staying together on the university campus, training together, eating together and competing together, which offers an insight into what their lifestyle may be like if they become a professional athlete.

At DESC we appreciate the benefits of competing at this event and it exposes our students to the English way of playing, whilst competing against other international schools. They also get to visit the fantastic facilities that Loughborough has to offer as a leading sports university in the world and see the athletes walking around, it is just a fantastic experience for them all.

Our goals are to put out good performances when we play, we want to win whenever we play, but we just want to build the experience of the players, to develop them further and potentially prepare them for a future life as an athlete.”

Liv Murphy , Head of Performance Support at Loughborough University

At Loughborough we see the event as a great opportunity for netballers of the future to experience where the Loughborough Lightning team train and play.

We want to showcase the sport and inspire the next generation. At the event the teams met some of our star players who are heading to the World Cup this summer and held the Super League trophy as Lightning are the current champions.

We look forward to welcoming more generations of players to access our world class facilities and inspire them to strive to be the best they can be. Most of all we want people to continue to love the sport.”

Kukri Sports’ support for para-athletes

Kukri Sports is delighted to launch a new campaign dedicated to showing its support for para-athletes and acknowledging their exceptional accomplishments across a wide range of sports.

This follows on from recent campaigns, which focused on women, men and youth athletes in their chosen sport. They included exclusive interviews with professional Cricket, Netball, Gymnastics & Rugby stars, as well as experiencing a day in the life of Ireland’s rising boxing star, Kieran Molloy, and Northern Diamonds spin bowler Katie Levick.

Throughout July, Kukri will be collaborating with para-athletes from a wide variety of sports. These athletes, who have conquered barriers and overcome obstacles, will provide insightful information for aspiring para-athletes and demonstrate the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through dedication and determination.

We will also be providing a platform for para-athletes from our partners, whilst also showcasing how our products continue to evolve in order to help them perform at their optimum level.

Speaking about the campaign, Kukri Sports’ Sales Director, Josh Beal, stated, “We are honoured to launch this campaign and provide a platform to celebrate para-athletes’ incredible accomplishments. Our aim is to promote diversity and inclusivity by providing sportswear that they feel comfortable, are able to perform and can be proud to wear whilst also helping to foster a society where every individual is recognised for their abilities, regardless of limitations.”

By highlighting the incredible talent and achievements of para-athletes, Kukri hopes to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and equal sporting landscape.

Throughout this campaign and with the support of our partners, Kukri hopes to empower para-athletes, inspire the next generation, and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse sports industry.

Scottish Gymnastics Partnership Extension

Kukri Sports are delighted to announce a four-year partnership extension with Scottish Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in Scotland. As part of the deal Kukri will continue to provide bespoke leisure and podium wear for all performance programmes and national teams.

This support will assist Scottish Gymnastics in delivering their athlete-centred, coach-led, performance-driven programmes which offer athlete development pathways across gymnastics disciplines.
The extension of the partnership is testament to the shared commitment to create a positive culture and experience centred around wellbeing and protection, allowing gymnasts and coaches to thrive and aspire to world-class performance.

Scottish Gymnastics chief executive officer Doc McKelvey said:
“Our vision is an uplifting gymnastics experience for all and providing appropriate, quality clothing for our national and region teams is an important part of that, ensuring they look and feel comfortable when they step out to represent Scotland. Kukri Sports is an integral part of that experience, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with them. This allows us to have a range of leisure kit which is suitable for gymnasts of all ages, coaches and support staff. We look forward to working together over the next four years.”

Kukri Sports sales director Josh Beal added:
“We are really proud to extend our partnership with Scottish Gymnastics. Having worked together since 2018 we have formed a fantastic relationship which we will grow further until at least 2026. Kukri are working on new ranges and designs, alongside Scottish Gymnastics, and we can’t wait to showcase this to all gymnasts in Scotland.”

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs Contact Us

About Scottish Gymnastics:
Scottish Gymnastics is the national governing body of gymnastics in Scotland. Their vision is an uplifting gymnastics experience for all, with shared values of inclusive, supportive, and aspirational to ensure gymnastics is enjoyable, safe, and open to everyone. The organisation has a membership of around 160 clubs and 30,000 gymnasts, coaches and officials. They are responsible for the governance and development of gymnastics across Scotland, supported by principal funding partner sportscotland and their other partners.

Supporting Youth In Sport: Wrap Up

Over the last month, Kukri Sports has been proud to have placed a spotlight on the accomplishments of young, talented athletes across a wide range of sports.

The campaign aimed to provide a platform for these rising stars to showcase their skills, dedication to their sport, inspire others, and pave the way for their future success.

Among the remarkable stories during the campaign was the inspirational journey of Connie Clarke, an upcoming rugby star. Connie, who plays for one of Kukri’s rugby partners, Preston Grasshoppers, revealed how she went from nearly walking away from the sport to scoring two tries on her England Under-18s debut.

Click here to read more of our interview with Connie Clarke.

We also collaborated with British Gymnastics to speak with talented Rhythmic Gymnasts, Marfa Ekimova and Louise Christie. The pair outlined their dedication to the sport, how gymnastics has shaped their life so far and their goals for the future.

Click here to watch the full interview.

Reflecting on the campaign, Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports, said, “Our commitment to nurturing young talent goes beyond just providing sportswear. We believe the power of sport to transform lives and communities. It has been fantastic to witness the dedication and talent of these young athletes across a wide range of sports, and we are excited to continue to play a role in their journey towards achieving success.”

Kukri Sports remains committed to its mission of empowering youth in sport beyond the campaign’s conclusion. We will continue to support young athletes through sponsorships, partnerships, and ongoing initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, fostering inclusivity, and creating opportunities for aspiring athletes to succeed.

Keep an eye out for our next campaign coming soon, which will aim to demonstrate how we provide support for para-athletes across different sports.