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About Us

Our Journey

At Kukri Sports we deliver superior sportswear and exceptional service, driven by a deep understanding of the athlete journey from grassroots to performance sport.

We have been producing bespoke teamwear since 1999 but our DNA dates back to 1979 when the British Army Gurkhas and the RAF joined forces to become the Flying Kukris. An innovative tailor stitched the two original shirts together to create brand new Flying Kukris bespoke teamwear and the seed of our business was sown.

Our Values

Our values of passion, ambition, professionalism, and inclusivity are as true today as they have been through the decades. We are passionate about the benefits of sport both physically and mentally and about providing great quality sport and leisurewear. We are equally as passionate about our team, our customers and our products and service.

We offer bespoke sportswear across over 100 different sports, allowing customers to create their own custom designed kit, for their teams, clubs or institutions. Our ambition is to continue to lead the way in bespoke multi-sport teamwear across the globe and use our many years of experience to support physical activity at all levels, regardless of age, ability or gender.

Our Partners

We strongly believe our partners and customers are central to achieving this mission. Together we can support our partners and our athletes to be the very best they can be whilst we continue to provide the greatest possible products and customer service and minimise our impact in the planet.

With over 20 years in the marketplace our experience and professionalism enable all our partners from grassroots sports through to elite teams to build their own sporting legacy.

Our Promise

“We have a proud heritage in the sportswear industry and are proud to partner with elite institutions around the world.

The company has experienced an enormous amount of growth over the last few years, which is testament to the people in the business, who strive every day to offer customers with the best possible experience and product.

I am very proud to work for such an exciting brand, which has a very bright future.”

Andrew Ronnie, Group Executive Chairman