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Kukri Sports is pleased to welcome Tom Rutter as one of its new Youth Talent Programme Ambassadors for 2024.

Tom, who has been taking part in athletics since aged 8, competes in Javelin and won a silver medal whilst representing England at this year’s Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad & Tobago.

Tell us about yourself and your athletic background?

“I have been taking part in athletics ever since I was about 8 years old. I was introduced to it by a teaching assistant at my primary school who was and is an athletics coach. She knew I loved running, jumping, throwing amongst lots of other sports and thought I might enjoy it. I have been taking part in athletics ever since then.”

What athletics club and school/college are you associated to?

“I am part of Hertford & Ware Combines Athletic Club (HAWCs) and I attend Richard Hale School in Hertford.”

What event do you compete in?


What inspired you to pursue a career in athletics?

I enjoy participating in athletics and, by being recognised, by my achievements has encouraged to pursue this further.

What are your goals and aspirations in athletics?

“My ultimate goal would be to achieve a gold medal and world record at the Olympics. I have other goals in the build up to that, which include competing in the U18 European Championships and U20 World Championships.”

What is your greatest achievement so far?

“My greatest achievement so far is winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad & Tobago.”

Who is your Athletics idol and why?

“In the sport as a whole, I idolise Mondo [Armand] Duplantis for his fearlessness and showmanship, but as a javelin thrower, I aspire to be like Steve Backley who showed great technical prowess and power when throwing.”

What do you know about Kukri sports?

“I know they supply all the kit for Team England and England athletics and many other team sports. They supply bespoke kit for elite sport, grassroot sports and for schools and universities.”

What does it mean to you to become a Kukri Sports YTP Ambassador?

“For me, being a Kukri YTP ambassador means that I have new ways of expressing myself and I now have the support behind me to confidently do so.”

What are you most excited about in your role as a Kukri Sports YTP Ambassador?

“I am excited to be working with a brand that so closely communicates with their athletes. I know that if I have questions or suggestions, Kukri will take these on and provide support in the best way possible.”