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Rugby Nova Scotia Extension – CANADA

Kukri Sports are proud to announce a multi-year partnership extension with Rugby Nova Scotia, who have partnered with the business since 2013.

As part of the deal Kukri will continue to provide elite custom sportswear to athletes, coaches and supporters of this fantastic club.

Rugby Nova Scotia are the governing body for the sport of rugby within Nova Scotia, in Canada.

“Kukri Sports has been a exclusive apparel supplier to Rugby Nova Scotia over the last 10 years. Kukri Sports is proud to have our brand associated with an outstanding provincial association like Rugby Nova Scotia who continue to show tremendous development and growth at all age group levels. Kukri looks forward to supporting RNS by providing their athletes, coaches and supporters high quality clothing in 2023 and beyond” Jamie Williams, Vice President – Kukri Sports North America

“Rugby Nova Scotia has had a great long-standing relationship with Kukri over the last 10 years and have continually been pleased with the service and support that we received. The items we receive are always of high-quality, and the team works with us to ensure we get exactly what we are looking for every time.” Vanessa MacKinnon, Executive Director – Rugby Nova Scotia

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Forging Legends: The Irish School That Shapes International Rugby Players

On the outskirts of Dublin, there is a school that has woven its legacy into the fabric of the nation’s rugby pride – Blackrock College.

Kukri Sports have been a proud partner of the school for many years, providing bespoke, quality sportswear for staff and students. Through working with their elite partners, including Ulster Rugby and Waikato Rugby, Kukri have developed state of the art product innovations and designs, which have been seamlessly incorporated into their range of school sportswear offerings. This ensures that future sporting talent can develop their abilities armed with garments that match the quality of current sporting icons.

This elite education institution has emerged as a factory of international rugby talent, producing a remarkable number of players who have donned the green jersey and represented Ireland on the global stage. Beyond its academic excellence, this school stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between sport and education, demonstrating how a well-rounded approach can mould sporting legends.

Arguably its most decorated Rugby alumni is a sportsman widely regarded as one of the greatest rugby players of all time, Brian O-Driscoll. Born a stone’s throw from Blackrock College, O-Driscoll went on to make an indelible impact on the sport through his remarkable skills, leadership, and longevity on the field.

Winning 133 international caps, was also named captain of the British & Irish Lions, for the 2005 tour of South Africa. He currently holds the record for the most Six Nations tries (26) and was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2016.

Other Irish international rugby players who graduated from Blackrock College include; Fergus Slattery, who earned 61 caps for his country, including captaining the most successful Irish touring side of all time in 1979, which won 7 of 8 matches in Australia.

Other significant Irish rugby alumni include;

Victor Costello, who earned 39 Irish caps and was a member of the 2003 Rugby World Cup team. Hugo McNeill, who earned 37 caps and played at the 197 Rugby World Cup, scoring 4 tries in 4 matches.
Luke Fitzgerald, who earned 34 caps and won the 2009 Six Nations championships.
Leo Cullen, who earned 32 caps for his country.

Nurturing young talents into international stars requires more than just raw talent; it demands a nurturing environment that fosters growth on multiple fronts. This school’s approach goes beyond honing athletic prowess; it embraces holistic development, recognizing that character, discipline, and determination are the cornerstones of success in both sports and life.

One might assume that such a rugby-centric focus could overshadow academic pursuits. However, the school’s commitment to academic excellence remains unswerving. Striking a balance between rigorous classroom education and intensive rugby training is a hallmark of their approach. This not only nurtures bright minds but also underscores the importance of time management, a skill that proves invaluable when juggling the demands of studies and sports at higher levels.

The impact of this school resonates far beyond its campus. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across the country, a reminder that dreams of international glory are attainable with dedication and hard work. The success stories that emerge from these hallowed grounds reinforce the belief that Ireland’s rugby heritage is alive and well, being skilfully passed down through generations.

As the rugby world evolves, this school remains a constant – an institution that continues to shape the trajectory of Irish rugby. It stands as a living tribute to the interplay between passion and purpose, where young talents are nurtured into stars not just for their skill but for their character and resilience. In a world where sports icons are often revered as heroes, this school reminds us that true legends are not just made on the pitch; they are cultivated through education, mentorship, and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Other significant alumni of the school away from Rugby Include:

  • Alan Lee – Irish international football player
  • Cian O-Sullivan – Title winning Gaelic football player
  • Michael Darragh McAuley – Another ward winning Gaelic football star
  • Bob Geldof – Singer/ songwriter and the driving force behind Band Aid/ Live Aid
  • Bian O’Nolan – Novelist, playwright and satirist
  • Paul Costelloe – Fashion designer and artist
  • Michael McGlynn – Composer, producer and director

Find out more about Blackrock College

Marlborough Boys Partnership Announcement

Kukri Sports are thrilled to announce our new 4-year partnership with Marlborough Boys’ College (MBC).

As part of the deal Kukri will provide blazers, full daywear and a full range of bespoke sportswear for staff and pupils, both off and on the field.

Situated in New Zealand’s Blenheim region, MBC boasts a rich heritage of offering young men rigorous opportunities and maintaining exceptional standards across various facets of their lives. Established in 1900, the institution has played a crucial role in the local community and has seen remarkable achievements at both the national and global levels. This includes producing accomplished athletes, scholars, industry leaders, politicians, and cultural influencers.

Find out more about Marlborough Boys College

Zach McKay, South Island Sales Manager for Kurki New Zealand, said “The opportunity to work with the school community is exciting for our company and brand. Together we can have the staff, students and supporters of the school looking and feeling great in the latest product”.

MBC Principal John Kendal said the school was “Looking forward to working with Kukri Sports in the years ahead. Our students take great pride in all things associated with the school and how we present ourselves is a huge part of that. Kukri are an excellent fit for the look, feel and function of our daywear and sports uniforms”.

Deputy Principal Jarrod Dunn said the school worked alongside Kukri to finalise a product range that was fit for purpose. “Our daywear is modern and functional, whilst our sports and cultural apparel will uphold the traditions and history of the college”.

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Bowls Canada Contract Extension

Kukri Sports are proud to announce an extension of our ten-year partnership with Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB).

Our long-standing relationship with BCB has provided an extensive understanding of the needs of high performing bowls athletes and we look forward to offering more high-quality, creative designs for future competitions.

Anna Mees, CEO – Bowls Canada Boulingrin

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have Kukri Sports back on board as our Preferred Kit Supplier,”

“After a thorough request-for-proposal process, it was clear that Kukri Sports offers our athletes excellent product and service at a competitive price. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Kukri.” 

Jamie Williams, Vice President – Kukri Sports North America

‘We are delighted to extend our partnership with Bowls Canada who we have now partnered with for 10 years,”

“Throughout our partnership we have developed new products that National Team Athletes can wear with pride, whilst competing at various events around the world including the upcoming World Bowls tournament in Brisbane.  We look forward to supporting the team over the course of the next three years and wish them all well on their upcoming travels.”

Bowls Canada Boulingrin

BCB are the national lawn bowling governing body in Canada, with an aim to connect, inform and grow the bowls community across the country – Find out more

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Team Surrey Partnership Announcement

Kukri Sports are excited to announce our multi-year partnership with Team Surrey. As part of the deal, Kukri will provide sportswear for university students and staff.

Kukri will provide teamwear for a wide range of sports, including Badminton, squash, tennis and hockey, plus much more.

We are thrilled to announce Kukri’s partnership with Team Surrey and are looking forward to producing high quality bespoke kit designs that both students and staff can be proud of. This partnership is another example of Kukri’s commitment to supporting the educational sportswear needs of leading institutions.” Josh Beal, Sales Director, Kukri Sports.

“We are delighted that Kukri have become our new kit partner for Team Surrey following a competitive tender process. Kukri is a leading brand in the sportswear industry and we are very excited to be working with them to deliver the highest standard of kit for our students ahead of the 2023/24 academic year.” Georgina Agnies, Director of University Sport

About the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey are an award-winning provider of Higher Education. Based in a vibrant campus they provide exceptional teaching and practical learning to inspire and empower students for personal and professional success.

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Sustainability Sportswear Developments in Asia – Paving The Way For A Greener Future

At Kukri Sports, we recognise the significance of minimizing our ecological footprint, while providing high-quality, bespoke sportswear. We have implemented various recent initiatives to achieve this goal, such as offering a comprehensive selection of sustainable products. Additionally, we remain committed to the well-being of both our global manufacturing partners and the individuals who wear our garments.

We have recently achieved notable milestones in Asia. Firstly, we have successfully developed our most sustainable line of merchandise for this year’s Hong Kong Sevens tournament. As part of this effort, we created three new replica shirts using recycled polyester, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.

Kukri have also recently signed a multi-year partnership with the Korean International School, based in Hong Kong. As part of the agreement, we will be providing a full range of bespoke school sportswear for both on and off field, all made from our sustainable fabrics.

At Kukri Sports, we firmly acknowledge the inherent connection between our future success and our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through our steadfast advocacy of eco-friendly practices, we not only make a positive impact on the health of our planet but also endeavor to ignite inspiration among our customers, encouraging them to actively participate in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Sustainability is not a fleeting trend but a fundamental cornerstone upon which we strive to strengthen our business’s endurance and forge a lasting legacy that resonates with our planet’s well-being.” Clare Millington, Kukri General Manager, Asia

Our Kukri Initiative

Our initiative was created to reflect our values and ongoing commitment to change, reducing our impact on the planet as well as continuing to care for those who manufacture and wear our product around the world.


Reuse: Using recycled materials, where possible, from packaging to fibres.

Reduce: Reduce the amount of virgin yarn produced.

Responsible: Maintain high ethical standards throughout the business and around the world.

Regularly review our goals and challenge ourselves as a business to be as sustainable as possible.

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Kukri Sports Sales rise by 66% in Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland

Kukri Sports has been experiencing unprecedented success in recent years and 2022 saw regional sales hit record levels in several global territories. Our growth in Ireland has been particularly impressive across both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

We have recently partnered with five new schools in Northern Ireland, as well as hosting collaborations with prominent sports clubs, including Omagh HC, Ballyclare HC, and Boyne HC and we have extended our netball market share with partnerships including Queen’s University and Belfast Ladies NC.

We are delighted to announce that the business has also recently extended its partnership with Blackrock College, a prominent education institution with an enviable reputation, based in Dublin. As part of the deal, Kukri will continue to be the exclusive supplier of sportswear for both students and staff at the college. Find out more about Blackrock College.

“We have been delighted with the service and quality of sportswear provided by Kukri over the years and we look forward to continuing this relationship. Alan MacGinty, Principal, Blackrock College

“We are thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership with Blackrock College. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by everyone at the college serve as a constant inspiration, and we eagerly anticipate being a part of their future successes, providing unwavering support along the way.” Neil Patterson, County Manager for N.I. and R.O.I

Coleraine Grammar School are another prestigious school we are proud to be working with and are looking forward to supporting their requirements for quality bespoke sportswear.

Moreover, many of our established partners, such as Dungannon RFC, have recently reaffirmed their commitment to Kukri Sports by signing new agreements and we are looking forward to providing them with comprehensive kit solutions both now and in the future.

Our versatility in supporting over 100 sports can be demonstrated by our support of N.I. Tug of War, N.I. Shooting team, and Disability Sport NI and our capabilities outside of the sports market are shown by the announcement of the extension of our partnerships with Armagh, Banbridge, and Craigavon Borough Council, which sees us supply customized indoor and outdoor leisurewear for their staff.

As we continuously expand our expertise and deepen our product knowledge, we are committed to sharing this wealth of information with our valued customers. We strive to constantly enhance our understanding and stay up to date with the latest developments in our field. By doing so we can offer even more comprehensive and insightful assistance to all our customers, ensuring they benefit from our expanding knowledge base as our customers in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland can testify.

Kukri Sports achieves 78% Sales Growth in the Middle East


Sales figures have hit unprecedented record levels for Kukri Sports in the Middle East, with sales rising by 78% across the region in FY2022

The company is poised to see further growth in 2023, as it extends long-term agreements with prestigious partners, including Dubai College and British School Al Khubairat, both renowned for their exceptional sporting programs.

Kukri’s achievements in the region can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to providing elite-quality, bespoke sportswear to leading educational institutions, complemented by exceptional customer service. By focusing on these key values, Kukri Sports has cemented its position as a trusted and preferred choice among schools and colleges in the Middle East.

Arcadia Partnership Announcement

As Kukri looks ahead to the future, the business remains committed to further expanding its presence in the Middle East and are proud to announce our new 4-year partnership with Arcadia School, based in Dubai.

The partnership will see Kukri provide sportswear for both staff and students, across a wide variety of sports.

“This is an exciting new partnership for the UAE business, showcasing the bespoke capability and performance product that Kukri prides itself on. We’re looking forward to building the partnership with Arcadia, encouraging all pupils to be active and working alongside them to create a leading sporting programme”Kobus Cronje, Regional Manager – Kukri Sports.

Every Kit Has A Story…

At Kukri Sports we believe that it is not only important to design modern, creative kit, but also take true inspiration from our partners’ history, ethos and values and build that vision into every one of our designs.

We wanted to showcase the extra thought and detail that go into some of our iconic kit designs as everything is not always as it seems and many of these extra details are not obvious to the naked eye but are part of the athlete stories and the rich history of the teams who wear them. So welcome to our new series of kit stories revealing the inspiration and attention to detail behind some of our most well-known designs.

Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing the stories behind some of our most iconic kit designs.

If you would like to learn more about any of our designs or are interested in how Kukri can help you with your sportswear and leisurewear contact us.

Rugby School

Located in Warwickshire, England, Rugby School are one of the most prestigious education establishments in the world and is one of the oldest independent schools in Britain (founded in 1567). To learn more about Rugby School visit

Kukri recently announced a 10 year extension of their partnership with the school, where they offer a full range of bespoke sportswear for staff and pupils, both on and off field.

The Inspiration

At Rugby School they have a motto ‘The Whole Person, The Whole Point – Made Whole By Experience’.

This motto emphasizes the genuine aim of the school: equipping students with the skills, knowledge, assistance, and exposure necessary to transform them from a state of partial readiness for the broader world into fully developed individuals – Find out more.

Considering this information, the design team at Kukri Sports collaborated closely with the school to create a collection of customized sportswear that exemplified their goal for the students – to nurture a sense of completeness through their journey at the institution.

These designs incorporated patterns symbolizing the fundamental elements, or interconnected jigsaw pieces, forming a complete individual.

Everyone at Kukri takes great pride in seeing students wearing the kit, with full appreciation of the thought that has gone into the designs.

Yorkshire Vikings and the Northern Diamonds T20 Shirts – 2023

Directly affiliated with Yorkshire CCC, the most successful cricketing team in England, the Yorkshire Vikings are the clubs limited overs team, who compete in the T20 Blast competition each year.

The Northern Diamonds, a professional women’s cricket team, proudly represents Yorkshire and the North East. In 2022, they achieved their inaugural accolade by winning the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy at Lord’s.

The Inspiration

Working closely with Yorkshire Vikings and Northern Diamonds Kukri designed their latest T20 shirt designs for the 2023 season, These designs draw inspiration from and celebrate the rich regional cricketing heritage throughout the county.

Yorkshire and the surrounding northern counties have a strong cricketing history which dates back centuries and the region has been a hub for cricket development in recent years. Cricket has a deep cultural significance in the North and the sport is woven into the fabric of the counties identity making it a point of pride for the residents, especially in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Vikings’ kit design pays homage to the 632 clubs affiliated with the Yorkshire Cricket Board, representing the diverse cricketing community across Yorkshire. On the other hand, the Northern Diamonds’ kit design incorporates all affiliated clubs that have a women’s and/or girls’ section, encompassing Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland. This nod to the cricketing community in the north and significantly Yorkshire is in keeping with our brand values which include being supportive, accessible and inclusive to everyone from grassroots players through to elite athletes. The ability to produce so many world class cricketers make Yorkshire one of the greatest counties in English cricket and we are proud to see so many clubs represented on the field by these two top flight teams.

This combination of unique and inspirational design, historical cricketing legacy and tradition, top flight players and the passion of the fans will collectively ensure Yorkshire’s enduring prominence in the world of cricket.

Team England

Commonwealth Games England leads and manages the participation of Team England, at the Commonwealth Games working closely with each sport’s National Governing Body, their funding partner Sport England, and the Games’ Organising Committee.

Find out more

The Inspiration

As the official kit provider for Team England at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, our main objective was to craft kit designs that captured the pride and honour of representing your country whilst authentically representing the nation and drawing inspiration from the host city.

Although the colour palette predominantly drew from the traditional red and white of the St George’s Cross, the design concepts evolved over time and displayed meticulous attention to detail. Our design team conducted thorough extensive research in Birmingham to find sources of inspiration that could be seamlessly incorporated into the kit designs.

The Cube, one of Birmingham’s most iconic buildings, had a profound impact on the designs. It’s adorned structure, with various sizes of crosses, perfectly complemented the St George’s cross, which became a significant element of the designs.

Our quest for inspiration didn’t end there; the team also explored Centenary Square, which is home to Baskerville House, named after the renowned typographer John Baskerville. This visit sparked the idea to utilize the elegant Baskerville font across many of the kit designs.

Hidden Gold

To encourage the already strong aspirations for a place on the podium and a gold medal winning performance, a closer inspection of the kit and podium wear, highlights how often gold features throughout the designs, whether it be the trim, stitching, the drawcord or even zippers.

Concealed Medal Pocket

Among our collection of kit designs showcased at the games, the Ceremonial Track Top stood out as one of the most recognized and distinguished pieces. This exceptional track top not only boasts numerous golden details but also includes a discreet hidden internal pocket, thoughtfully designed to securely hold the prized medals of the winning athletes.

Many of the kits created for The Commonwealth Games in 2022 are now being proudly worn by the next generation of Team England athletes at this month’s Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad & Tobago. As you watch the athletes compete, see if you can spot the myriad of hidden details within the kit designs, from our unique gold text over concealed zips to the subtle crosses woven into the fabric.

We wish all of Team England young athletes a successful and enjoyable games.

England Athletics

England Athletics is the governing body for the sport of athletics in England. They are a not-for-profit membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running in England.

The Inspiration

We worked closely with England Athletics to interpret their needs and wants and to develop a truly iconic design that represents both club and country.

When brainstorming creative ideas that could influence the England Athletic kit designs the team at Kukri explored many different avenues and a concept was formulated which took direct inspiration from iconic shots of winning athletes at the end of a race holding a St George’s flag draped across their shoulders. This concept led to the modern interpretation of the St George’s Cross draped over the left side of the garment, so every athlete has a graphic representation of their country on display and over their heart while competing, spurring them on to glory and to be the best they can be.

It fills the team at Kukri with great pride when we see England Athletes competing in Kukri sportswear, which we hope will lead to many more victorious flag celebrations at the end of future competitions.

England Athletics currently support 1,650 affiliated clubs and organizations covering track, field, road running, fell, hill, trail, and cross-country clubs. With over 140,000 registered athletes, 30,000 licensed coaches and 5,450 officials. Since 2019 Kukri Sports have been the official kit supplier for England’s representative teams and England Athletics Masters, whilst offering a range for coaches, staff and technical officials, plus an extensive range of branded merchandise.