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Over the last month, Kukri Sports has been proud to have shed light on the challenges faced by male athletes and promote their accomplishments and dedication to their respective sports.

The campaign included exclusive interviews with players from Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Somerset Cricket Club, as well as a captivating look into the daily life of Ireland’s rising boxing sensation, Kieran Molloy.

Kukri, known for its commitment to supporting athletes at all levels, sought to highlight the personal journeys, sacrifices, and triumphs of these remarkable sportsmen.

We also sat down with International Beach Volleyball stars, the ‘Bello Brothers’, who spoke about the importance of having the correct sportswear in Beach Volleyball.

Click here to read more of our exclusive interview with the Bello Brothers.

The campaign also featured a day in the life Instagram takeover with Ireland’s rising boxing star Kieran Molloy. The takeover provided boxing fans with a rare glimpse into the intense training regimen, sacrifices, and determination required to excel in the demanding world of professional boxing. Click here to watch the full takeover.

We also spoke to Somerset CCC star Will Smeed , who shared his aims for the new Vitality Blast season and why he made the decision to walk away from red-ball cricket.

Click here to read the full interview with Will Smeed.

“We are thrilled to have created a platform for male athletes to share their stories and inspire others. Through our exclusive interviews and the ‘day in the life’ feature with Kieran Molloy, we aimed to showcase the dedication, hard work, and resilience of these remarkable individuals. We are proud to have played a part in promoting a positive narrative around men in sport.” Josh Beal, Sales Director, Kukri Sports.

Our campaign also initiated a crucial conversation about the challenges athletes face in their respective sports. By sharing their stories, this campaign has hopefully inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions and overcome obstacles, reinforcing the notion that success is achieved through determination, hard work, and a supportive community.

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As this campaign comes to a close, we remain committed to demonstrating our unwavering commitment to athletes of all genders, promoting inclusivity, and fostering an environment where every athlete can thrive.

Keep an eye out for our next campaign on ‘Supporting Youth in Sport’ coming soon.


As part of our ongoing campaign on supporting men in sport, Kukri Sports recently sat down with rising boxing star, Kieran Molloy, in an exclusive interview.

Kieran Molloy, who teamed up with Kukri as a sporting ambassador in March last year, has a bright future in boxing with his achievements including 11x National Champion, 3x Irish Elite Champion and EU Bronze Medallist, all by the age of 23.

The now 24-year-old welterweight prospect enjoyed a triumphant return to his hometown Galway in his last bout, winning convincingly after an eight-round contest with Colombian Fernando Mosquera, dazzling the sell-out crowd and showing off his impressive arsenal of skills in the process.

Molloy (5-0, 3KOs) looks back on the fight fondly and insists he’s raring to go ahead of his next bout, scheduled against Kurt Walker in Belfast on Saturday 27 May.

“It was fantastic to headline in my own city. I was very proud to bring big time boxing back to my home town. A lot of the people that were in the crowd have supported me since I was a kid, so it was nice to put on a show for them.

“I’m feeling good ahead of my next fight,” Molloy said. “I’m training well here at Loughborough University and we’ve got some great facilities here, so you can’t really ask for much more than that.”

Molloy, who trains under the watchful eye of world-class coach, Angel Fernandez, is excited for the future under the Spaniard and also lavished praise on his fellow boxing training partners.

“I’m doing some great work with my coach, Angel Fernandez, and I also have the privilege of training with some other talented boxers in Richard Riakpohre, Frazer Clarke and Sergio Garcia, so we’re all pushing each other on every single day in order to achieve our goals and reach the very top.

“It’s nice to be able to train with them all. Richard is a lot more advanced in his career at the moment, but that level is what we want to aspire to and we know we can get there with the plan that Angel has in place for us. We always keep pushing each other on every day and we’re all working our way towards the top.”

Molloy’s commitment and knowledge of the sport in which he operates is compelling, and ahead of his next bout, he is not underestimating the challenge that lies ahead.

“In training you’ve got to have every box ticked before the fight. You could be training for a specific style, but your opponent might come out and do the exact opposite of what you are prepared for.

“You have got to adjust as the fight comes,” Molloy continued. “In our training camps we cover everything, whether our opponent is an aggressive fighter, counter puncher, if he’s on the run, if he’s slick or if he’s got a tight guard. It’s important we cover all aspects in training and that is what our coach, Angel, is very good at doing.”

Combining his exciting talent with his dedication to the sport, Molloy undoubtedly has a bright future in boxing and will do whatever it takes to reach his goal. Next up, Belfast.

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As part of Mental Health Awareness week, we spoke with some of our partner’s athletes from various sporting backgrounds on their personal experiences with mental health challenges, the importance of exercise and their advice for young athletes experiencing mental health challenges.

Kukri Sports understands the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week, an initiative launched by the Mental Health Foundation, which happens every year and aims to tackle the stigma around mental health.

Launched in 2001, the initiative is vital in increasing public understanding of mental health and how problems can be prevented. It also aims to help people understand and prioritise their and others’ mental health and well-being.

As part of our efforts to tackle the stigma around mental health and provide support, we spoke to athletes from various partners across different sports, who bravely share their personal experiences, their coping mechanisms and how their sport has positively impacted their mental health throughout their respective careers.

Adam Lyth, a Yorkshire County Cricket Club legend who has amassed over 200 first-class appearances and is the club’s leading run-scorer in the Vitality Blast, opened up about the challenges he has faced in his career. The left-handed opening batsmen insisted that a close support network has helped him through difficult periods.

“I was going through a difficult period of time when I was playing for England with the media, expectations and a loss of form from an individual perspective. That was probably the most difficult time in my career.

“I just tried to take everything out of it and concentrate on my job at the time, which I’m there to enjoy and love. Speaking openly and getting that support from your closest friends and family is really important, and it’s helped my greatly in my career up to this point.”

Lyth, who has sailed beyond 12,000 career runs in all first-class cricket, stressed the importance of young athletes speaking openly about their mental health challenges.

“I think it’s important that young athletes speak out, whether that be to friends, family, teammates or coaches. They are there to help you, and it’s never nice to see anyone going through difficult periods of time and them not wanting to speak out as a result of that.

“The most important thing for me is your family and the teammates you have around you, and if people speak out to them, they can hopefully help in getting athletes through a difficult period of time that will make them stronger for when they face other obstacles throughout their career.”

Kukri also spoke with international Beach Volleyball stars, the Bello Brothers, who already boast four World Tour medals, on the strategies they have found to be effective when competing at a high level.

“We also have long periods of time when we’re training without competitions during the off season or pre-season, so we find it very beneficial to have a good plan in place to ensure we stay focused and engaged at all times.

“We have a really good plan in place and team around us too, which helps to create the framework and routine that we follow, which allows us to have an element of consistency and helps keep our mental health in check.”

Javier Bello, who spoke on behalf of the Bello Brothers, also encouraged young athletes to speak out about the challenges they are facing.

“I think for any young athlete it’s important that you speak to people around you. Even if it’s just having a small conversation and not feeling like you are alone and fighting your own battle.

“It’s really important to get support from those around you such as friends, players and coaches that can help you overcome challenges.”

Kieran Molloy, Ireland’s rising boxing star who aspires to become a world champion, also gave an insight into the challenges he has faced in his career.

“I’ve had to step away from a lot of things, there’s no social life or going our partying as an athlete, but my dream of becoming a world champion outweighs all of that.

“But these are the sacrifices that athletes have got to make to reach the top and push for their dreams. You’ve got to be selfish, look after yourself and once those rewards eventually come, it’s all worth it.”

“Boxing is a very lonely sport, you spend a lot of time alone. It’s been difficult for me moving away from home at a young age and living alone, so you’ve got to surround yourself with people who you know are going to be there for you.

I’ve got some great people around me here like my coach, Angel Fernandez, and the other boxers I train with such as Sergio Garcia, Frazer Clarke and Richard Riakporhe. We’re all in the same boat here and will be there for each other through thick and thin.

The 24-year-old, who made a triumphant return to his native Galway this month after beating Fernando Mosquera, also shared his advice for young aspiring boxers who are facing mental health challenges.

“Reach out to people. They can always give me or any of the other guys a message and we’d be more than happy to help and listen to what they have to say.

“Boxing is a very tough sport and if there is any way we can help people we will. Never be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling. There is a lot of good people in the world and a lot more good than bad out there, and I just think a simple message can go a long way to helping young boxers overcome challenges they are facing.”

Will Smeed, who became the first player to score a century in the Hundred in 2022. also spoke with Kukri on his coping strategies that help him mentally.

“A big thing for me is having a routine. I think having that in place helps me to cope with the pressures that come with cricket. I just try to enjoy it which helps to take that pressure off and go in with the mindset that I’m going out there to have fun and win, which for me is a good way to look at it.

“I think I’ve always been good at staying level and keeping things in perspective. Obviously, some people struggle with that a bit more, but I think it’s important that they have a routine to go back to, and if you are low, just keep persevering with that routine and then from there the performances will come good and that will help people to start feeling better about themselves.”

The 21-year-old, who starred on his England Lions debut in July 2022, is encouraged by the support out there for people struggling with their mental health.

“There are a lot of avenues out there now that athletes can pursue to get the help they need and get on top of their mental health. The main thing for me is to find your support network and reach out to people.

“I think the main thing is if you are struggling is not to be afraid to speak out and seek help.

“Especially with a sport like Cricket, I think it’s very important to stay level-headed. If players can find their own way of coping with the different challenges that cricket throws at you, then I think that will only help them in the long-term.”

As all the above athletes attest, exercise can be a powerful tool in the fight against mental health challenges. Although, with that can come pressure and increased expectation, which is where it is important to speak out and be open about your struggles.

We hope that their experiences will help others to seek help and support when needed, and to see the benefits of exercise in improving young athletes’ and other individuals’ mental health.

For more information on Mental Health Awareness Week and how you can access support, click here.

The Bello Brothers: An exclusive interview with the International Beach Volleyball Stars

As part of our campaign on supporting men in sport, we recently sat down with our Beach Volleyball ambassadors, the Bello Brothers, in an exclusive interview.

The Bello Brothers, also known as Javier and Joaquin Bello, teamed up with Kukri Sports back in November 2022, in a partnership which has seen us provide them with sportswear for training and competitions.

The Madrid-born stars, who produced some breathtaking displays to earn bronze at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, have developed in the UK under the guidance of their father, Luis Bello, who continues to coach the team.

The twins, now aged just 22, have been making history since their international debut in 2016, and already boast four World Tour medals, Commonwealth Bronze and three-straight British Championships.

As they aim to push for Olympic qualification and lead the growth of the sport, Javier Bello, speaking on behalf of the Bello Brothers, stressed the importance of the right sportswear when competing, and praised Kukri’s involvement.

In Beach Volleyball we are constantly facing difficult conditions, which means we need kit that is not only durable, but can also sustain itself in those situations and provide support for us to help us play with intensity and compete at the highest level, both in training and matches.

The kit from Kukri has been high-quality. We have worn a wide range of products since we teamed up last year, which has been very beneficial for us.

“We train in different conditions, and Kukri have supplied us with some great jackets which we wear a lot as they help to keep us warm when we are training in colder conditions.”

The Bello Brothers, who are preparing for the their next event in the upcoming Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour in Ostrava, Czech Republic, believe that sportswear for Beach Volleyball is heading in the right direction.

Having the right sportswear helps us feel comfortable and ultimately perform at a higher level. It allows you to focus on your performance, rather than being distracted by the fitting of the kit or how it looks.

Players don’t want a source of distraction when they are playing, so having the right sportswear helps to enhance performance levels, which is something that has really benefitted us since we partnered with Kukri.

“Hopefully, we can continue to see development of sportswear in Beach Volleyball. We look forward to wearing more Kukri kit in our upcoming competitions that will help us to compete and push for our goal of qualifying for the Olympics.”

To find out more about the Bello Brothers, click here.

Follow the Bello Brothers on social media:








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Learn How Kukri Supports Men In Sport This Month

Kukri is proud to launch a new campaign dedicated to supporting men in sport. The aim is to highlight the accomplishments of male athletes and how we aim to provide support, whilst also collaborating with key partner to raise awareness around the importance of mental health and well-being in sport.

This follows on from our women in sport campaign, which shone a light on the accomplishments of women and promoted inclusivity in the industry. We also interviewed ex England Netball captain, Olivia Murphy, Northern Diamonds Phoebe Turner, and Severn Stars’ Grace Namana, as well as experiencing a day in the life of Northern Diamonds star Katie Levick.

Click here to recap on our supporting women in sport campaign’s activities.

This month, we will be collaborating with several male athletes to highlight the importance of sportswear in their respective sport, as well as highlighting the importance of positive mental health in sports and how they have tackled their challenges.

Activities will include interviews with several athletes from key partners in different sports, as well as an Instagram takeover with our boxing ambassador, Kieran Molloy. Plus, we will also be launching 20% off all our men’s training & leisurewear products throughout May.

At Kukri Sports, we are dedicated to providing contemporary and stylish designs which empower men to feel proud to engage in sporting activities at every level.

We offer a wide range of sizes and designs in our men’s sportswear to promote inclusivity, comfort, and performance for a diverse customer base.

We work with many male athletes in their respective sports, including those at England Athletics and British Gymnastics, as well as professional clubs such as Ulster Rugby, Somerset CCC and Yorkshire CCC. We are also championing exciting talent through our ambassadors such as Irish professional boxer, Kieran Molloy and beach volleyball stars, Javier and Joaquin Bello.

“At Kukri, we understand the importance of comfortable sportswear for men when taking part in sporting activities. Our bespoke kits are designed to not only meet the sportswear needs of men, but also to help them feel empowered and confident in their athletic pursuits.

“We are proud to support men in sport and play our part in designing kit that they can feel proud to wear when participating.”Lauren Brigden, Product Designer at Kukri Sports.

Kukri Sports is proud to be at the forefront of designing bespoke sportswear for men across a variety of sports. Customers can follow this campaign throughout the month on our website, as well as on our social media channels.

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England Lacrosse Partnership Extension

Kukri Sports are excited to announce an extension to our successful partnership with England Lacrosse, until 2027.

England Lacrosse are the National Governing Body for the sport in England. As part of the deal Kukri will continue as the official kit supplier and will provide sponsorship as well as bespoke playing and training wear for all England national squads, academies and staff.

“England Lacrosse (EL) are delighted to re-sign with Kukri as our official kit supplier across all major EL properties. Kukri have proved to be a committed, reliable and dynamic partner since we first signed with them in 2018.

Kukri are continually working to refine and redesign their lacrosse products, delivering sport specific performance sportswear to our athletes. 

Kurki will also partner The Fly, Europe’s first ever national 6s lacrosse league.

We look forward to working with Kukri over the coming years.” – Caroline Royle, Marketing Manager, England Lacrosse.

“Everyone at Kukri is delighted to extend our long-term partnership with England Lacrosse. The partnership, starting in 2018 and with the extension, takes us through to 2027. The long-term nature of the partnership means that we can develop products specifically around England Lacrosse, which in turn can be uniquely designed for optimum performance of the teams. It is exciting to work directly with the England Lacrosse players, producing new lacrosse sportswear.

The partnership extension will also see us develop further merchandise ranges for England Lacrosse supporters, as well as working with The Fly tournament to produce all kit alongside specific fan ranges.

It is an exciting time for both organisations and we can’t wait to grow the lacrosse offering across the country further!”Josh Beal, Sales Director, Kukri Sports

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier, offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level.

To find out how we can support your sportswear needs Contact Us


As he approaches his first year as a professional boxer, Kukri Sports sat down with sporting ambassador Kieran Molloy to look back on his career so far, from his incredible amateur career to signing with the sports brand, and his ambitions for the future.

“I only spoke to my girlfriend about it last week,” Kieran Molloy says, astonished, when asked if he realises the enormity of what he has accomplished since going pro earlier this year.

“We were on the way back to the airport to come back to England, and I was just sitting there and thought to myself if you told me this three years ago that I was going to sign as a professional, having Kukri Sports as a kit sponsor and training in England with a world class coach, I would be so happy.”

For Molloy, becoming a professional boxer has been his dream since he was five years old. He followed his two brothers, Connor and Stephen, to the local Boxing club in Galway and, as he puts it, has “never looked back since.”

The Irish boxer rose to prominence in the amateur scene with 202 wins in 221 fights, including 11x National Champion, 3x Irish Elite Champion, EU bronze medallist, as well as a Youth European and World medallist, all by the age of 23.

“I started having my first few fights when I was 9,” said Molloy. “Every guy that I would spar at my own age, I was far too advanced for them.

“Then I started sparring with kids three or four years older and I would hold my own against them. So we travelled around the country for sparring matches and I started winning national titles, so it was all good for my confidence.”

But there is one moment that stands out for him the most: winning his first league title. “To have my grandad there, who sadly passed away last year, and the people who were with me from the start, who supported me, it was just class to have everyone with me on the night.”

After making the decision to turn over to the pro ranks nine months ago, Molloy was signed by one of the best promotional companies in the business. His link up with world-class coach Angel Fernandez has seen him go from strength to strength, with three professional wins under his belt so far. However, his life has changed in more ways than one, in and out of the ring.

“I have to do a lot by myself now. I live by myself which has been a big change. On the weekends I have to stay disciplined and recover properly so I’m fresh for training on Monday. Even if I’m just going out visiting people, it still makes you tired when Monday comes, so I’ve been trying to get as much out of training as possible and my recovery, as well.

“I’m training extremely hard. I think I’ve upped my work ethic again since I’ve turned pro. I’m studying a lot about boxing this year, compared to before when training was done I would just forget about boxing for the rest of the day.

“Most days now, I’m going back and writing down what worked well. I’m studying, always, just to try and improve.”

When the subject turns to Kukri Sports, it is evident how much the support means to Molloy. The sports brand partnered with him ahead of his pro debut and now supply him with sportswear for his bouts, something the young boxer is grateful for, and believes has had a significant impact on his confidence in the squared circle.

“We’re on an exciting journey together,” Molloy gleamed. “I have a three-year goal for myself to become a world champion and to top that with the support from Kukri Sports, it’s amazing.

“They’re great at keeping contact and always have me kitted out properly for training, with not just me but my whole team. It’s good to look slick as a team together, going to weigh-ins or press conferences. They’re great people to work with.”

Molloy’s commitment and knowledge of the sport in which he operates is compelling, and with his fourth pro-bout scheduled for next month in Belfast, he is determined to keep his unbeaten record.

“I fought in Belfast in August in front of 11,000 people in a massive stadium with a great atmosphere. There’s always a good atmosphere in Belfast for fight nights.

“We’re looking to move to 4-0 that night so I’m looking forward to it. We’re in a heavy faze of camp at the moment so by the time fight night comes, we will be well prepared.”

Despite being heavily focused on his next fight, Molloy does have a long term vision. His approach has always been that he is better than his opponents and feels he can reach the pinnacle of the sport, but he remains humble and is determined for his performances to speak for themselves

“I’ve got a lot of dreams in my head, and I don’t want to share all of them, but the ultimate goal is to make sure I become a world champion”. Molloy’s boxing journey is not one to be missed.


Kukri Sports are proud to announce a new 10-year partnership extension with Rugby School, which will run until 2033.

The deal reconfirms Kukri as Rugby School’s official sportswear provider, offering a full range of bespoke sportswear for staff and pupils, both on and off field.

Located in Warwickshire, England, Rugby School are one of the most prestigious education establishments in the world and is one of the oldest independent schools in Britain (founded in 1567). To learn more about Rugby School visit www.rugbyschool.co.uk

“We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Kukri Sports. Rugby School has created a functional and inclusive range of sports kit with the help and support of Kukri – students and staff all look and feel part of our sports teams. We take great pride in our ‘nobody on the bench’ approach and this kit embodies our ‘whole person whole point’ ethos. We are delighted to be associated with Kukri, a leading brand in the sportswear industry as demonstrated by their appointment as this year’s Commonwealth Games kit supplier for Team England.” – Debbie Skene, Rugby School.

“We are very proud to be extending our partnership with Rugby School, a powerhouse in school sports with enormous heritage. The school’s history speaks for itself, being the home of Rugby, but the school’s modern sports offering has unbelievable breadth and depth, this year showcasing 57 teams, playing 8 different sports, with over 550 pupils playing a competitive game on a single day. The partnership extension allows for us to plan for the pupils and parents of tomorrow, developing school sportswear specifically for the school and its pupils. We aim to deliver continuity and consistency but continually adapt to the next school’s sportswear offering.” – Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports.

2023 – Rugby’s 200th anniversary at the game’s historic birthplace – Rugby School

Celebrations will take place throughout 2023 at Rugby School to celebrate the bicentennial of the game of Rugby itself.

Rugby School is the home of the sport, which was first played on the school pitch back in 1823.

Find out more about the celebrations

If you are interested in partnering with Kukri Sports, or want to know how we can help, Get in touch


As the world’s premier rugby event launches a much-anticipated return on 4th November after a 3-year hiatus Kukri Sports are delighted to continue in our 17th year as sponsor and official merchandise supplier.

The Cathay Pacific / HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is one of the most popular sporting events in Asia and attracts some of the world’s top rugby players and thousands of fans from around the globe to watch intense, fast paced rugby action in a carnival atmosphere at the famous Hong Kong Stadium.

The three-day event takes place from 4th – 6th November when 16 teams are set to compete on rugby’s greatest stage.

As well as supplying the official Hong Kong Sevens merchandise range, Kukri Sports are also official supplier to the Hong Kong Rugby Union teams across men’s, women, and national age grade teams.

This year we have produced a fashion forward range of leisure wear and accessories for every age of rugby fan including T-shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts, enabling everyone to take home a piece of history from the 2022 event, as well as a full range of replica home and away shirts for men, women, and kids.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, we have introduced the option of replica shirts made from recycled fabric giving the #HK7’s rugby fans a wider range to choose from and the chance to be part of the sustainable sportswear revolution.

Our online store is now open for you to purchase your merchandise ahead of the tournament or buy your memento at the event itself from one of the stalls located in the stadium.

Get a piece of history from the 2022 #HK7’s while stocks last and get ready for another truly memorable 3-day carnival of rugby.


Kukri Sports are delighted to announce a multi-year extension to our partnership with King’s College, Taunton.

King’s College was founded in 1880 and is an elite education provider, situated in Somerset, uk. They offer a carefully tailored curriculum, delivered by specialty teachers, from nursery through to Sixth Form, which includes an enviable sporting provision. Find out more about King’s College, Taunton.

As part of the partnership Kukri will provide a full range of bespoke school sportswear for both on and off field, for both staff and pupils.

“We have been with Kukri for a few years now and are delighted to be in partnership moving forward. The kit is really good quality and we love playing around with the designs of which there are many options. Our pupils and staff are incredibly happy and we are so pleased we continue to look smarter, more professional and cohesive thanks to the kit packages we have put together.” Phil Lewis, Director of Sport, King’s College.

“To extend our partnership with a school such as Kings College is exciting and a great opportunity to continue growing what we’ve started over the past couple of years. We have created an image and identity to the schools brand both on and off the field, this will only continue to grow and expand. Sport at Kings College plays such a huge part in the students journey and we get great pleasure in supporting a part of this, we look forward to what is up and coming.” Lloyd Alley, Regional Sales Manager, Kukri Sports.

If you are interested in partnering with Kukri Sports, or want to know how we can help, get in touch


Kukri Sports, the market’s leading bespoke teamwear provider, partnered with some of the competition’s top nations, including Team England.

Kukri Sports delivered an unprecedented service to partnered teams and athletes at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 as the competition’s leading bespoke teamwear provider. 

The games were a major success not just for the participating teams, but also for Kukri, who partnered with Team England, Team Canada, Team Barbados, Team Guernsey, and Team Isle of Man, as well as supporting Northern Ireland Netball, Scottish Bowls, and Scottish Wrestling.

With innovations such as sustainable teamwear ranges, direct collaboration with athletes to create more focused sportswear, and overcoming logistical barriers imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global sportswear brand hit various milestones in preparation for the competition. 

Josh Beal, Sales Director at Kukri Sports, said: “The Commonwealth Games is a flagship competition in international sport, and we are proud of the partnerships we have had at the Birmingham games this year.

“Whilst the business has partnered with teams in previous games, this year’s had some significant hurdles for us to overcome, due to the Covid pandemic. 

“Our projects started on 17th March 2020, meaning a lot of work needed to be completed during; various lockdown’s, travel and freight restrictions plus ongoing social distancing – all of which meant the businesses needed to adapt.

“We held up to 90% of meetings virtually, whilst making sure our kits perfectly matched the partner requirements for over 2,500 athletes and staff and over 96,000 individual items of kit – across 19 different sports.

“Having these obstacles to overcome didn’t mean it affected the development and innovations in our offerings. For the first time we introduced a sustainable range of teamwear, made from recycled plastic bottles, whilst ensuring 100% of our packaging was both recycled and recyclable. 

“We also worked directly with Team England athletes to make sure that the bespoke kit they received had their direct input, on fit and fabric, but also crucially the design.

“Throughout the whole project our team provided over 10,000 man-hours and 100% of the kit requested was provided in time for the games – it was some achievement!”. 

Lou Pullan, Head of Kit Operations at Team England, said: “Over the past two and a half years, we have been working with Kukri to design and develop our most Athlete focused kit range ever. 

‘The time, care and attention to detail provided by Kukri across our Delegation and Competition wear has been outstanding and really showed in the final product range in terms of both functionality and design.

“Our kit design was heavily influenced by the city of Birmingham, the rich history, culture and architecture that it has become known for. The opportunity to celebrate the home games through the kit design really underpinned the project, we were delighted to return to the red and white and a design inspired by the St Georges flag.”

Watch our short documentary on the development of the Team England teamwear. Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs contact us.


Kukri Sports are delighted to announce our new 3 year partnership with Gresham’s School, who are a leading co-educational school, based in Norfolk, UK.

Founded in 1555, Gresham’s offer fully rounded education to boys and girls from the age of two, through to Sixth Form. The school was recently awarded an ‘Excellent’ rating across all nine categories in an Independent Schools Inspectorate visit. Find out more about Gresham’s School

As part of the partnership Kukri will provide a full range of bespoke school sportswear for both on and off field, for both staff and pupils.

“We made a decision to move to Kukri for school sportswear and team and staff kit early in 2022 based on the design and quality of kit.  We wanted kit to fit and wear well but also look smart and be something the pupils were proud of and pleased to wear.  Pricing needed also to be competitive.  After a challenging selection process, Kukri worked hard with the School to ensure orders were finalised to allow delivery of kit before the new academic year.  Demand for the sportswear was high, reflecting how much the pupils and parents valued it, so we are delighted with the way things have turned out.  Much credit has to go to our Regional Sales Manager, Ali Easton, and his team, particularly our Account Manager, Katie Maddock, to keep on top of detail and remain in close contact with the school during an extremely busy period and deliver great service.” Steven Willis, Bursar, Gresham’s School

“It’s a privilege to partner with Gresham’s. Sport is an integral part of education at the school and we’re proud to be supplying all core PE, First Team and Staff kit to them.  Having worked closely with the school over the past months, we’ve developed a range of designs that respect the heritage of the school whilst utilising the high-performance qualities of our most up-to-date garments.  We’re looking forward to continuing our engagement with Gresham’s as we grow our partnership further in the years to come.” Ali Easton, Regional Sales Manager

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Kukri sports are delighted to announce a 4-year extension of our partnership with Welsh Gymnastics. As part of the deal Kukri will continue to provide bespoke leisure and podiumwear for all performance programmes, National Teams and squads.

Welsh Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics in Wales, responsible for the governance and development of gymnastics across the country. Their mission is ‘For Wales to be recognised as a leading gymnastics nation, producing world-class champions and creating vibrant, inclusive communities where every gymnast has a high-quality experience’. Find out more about Welsh Gymnastics

“It is brilliant to extend our partnership with Welsh Gymnastics. A long-standing partnership which will now extend to over a decade. It is an exciting time where we will be launching new ranges across the organisation, advancing the style, fit and performance of the kit range. We can’t wait to see all the gymnasts showcasing it!” – Josh Beal, Sales Director, Kukri Sports

“I am delighted that we have been able to renew our partnership with Kukri Sports for four more years. We have worked with Kukri for a number of years now and to continue alongside them is exciting; we want to continue to bring our brand to life and they are able to make this happen through designs and our teamwear.” – Victoria Ward, CEO, Welsh Gymnastics

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs Contact Us


Kukri Sports are proud to announce our new 5-year partnership with British Wrestling. As part of the deal Kukri will provide a full range of bespoke off mat sportswear for competitors and coaches, whilst offering support to grassroots clubs.

British Wrestling is the National Governing Body for wrestling in the UK, including the Olympic and Commonwealth styles of wrestling and other styles within the remit of United World Wrestling, as well as other indigenous forms of wrestling.

Find out more about British Wrestling

“I’m delighted with our new 5-year partnership with Kukri. After working with them as the Team England kit supplier for the past two Commonwealth Games the athletes have provided consistently strong feedback and working with a UK-based supplier means reduced costs and logistics for all. We’ve worked closely with Kukri’s design team to develop a British look that I’m sure will help to instil pride in all representatives across the talent and performance pathways.” – Craig Anthony, Chief Executive – British Wrestling

“We are delighted to partner with British Wrestling for the next 5 years. The performance and quality of the wrestling suits has gone down extremely well throughout Commonwealth Games and we are ecstatic to continue to supply the top wrestlers with Kukri singlets, a bespoke off mat range and support wrestling clubs around the country in this exciting partnership.” – Josh Beal, Sales Director – Kukri Sports.

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs contact us


Kukri Sports are delighted to announce our 5-year partnership with Merchiston Castle, an all-boys school, who are one of the finest in Scotland.

The school has an enviable history, being founded in 1833 and boasts the world’s longest continuous annual rugby fixture in the world (Merchiston v Edinburgh Academy). Today the school continues to put high-quality learning and teaching at the centre of the boy’s experience.

Learn more about Merchiston Castle

As part of the deal Kukri will provide a full range of bespoke school sportswear for both on and off field, for both staff and pupils.

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with Kukri Sports for the next 5 years. Sport is a huge part of our school, and it is important to have sportswear that not only looks modern, but also performs, to allow our young athletes to reach their potential.

We appreciate the multi-sport expertise Kukri have acquired over the years, with high profile partners; including Ulster Rugby, Yorkshire CCC, British Gymnastic and many more, and are really looking forward to seeing our pupils and staff reap the rewards.”- Pippa Axon, Bursar, Merchiston Castle School.

“It is a privilege to partner with Merchiston Castle School for the next five years. Merchiston is a school founded on tradition and sporting culture and we aim to provide sportswear that showcases this tradition within the designs, whilst bringing modern day performance qualities to the kit.

We look forward to providing more than just PE and performance kit, as we look to delve ourselves into the sporting events that take place at the school, throughout the year. We can’t wait to deliver the first batch of kit to the school in September and also provide an online shop, for the school, in the near future too.” – Josh Beal, Sales Director, Kukri Sports.

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Kukri Sports are proud to announce a 5-year extension of our partnership with British Wheelchair Basketball, the governing body for the sport in the UK.

As part of the deal Kukri will design and manufacture all GB apparel for the national squads, as well as providing a full sport-clothing offering for British Wheelchair Basketball clubs.

Kukri will also be the title sponsor of the Junio League, Junior National Championships and Elite 8’s.

British Wheelchair Basketball is the governing body for wheelchair basketball in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – find out more

“We are delighted to welcome Kukri Sports to the wheelchair basketball family as headline sponsors of our Junior Programme. British Wheelchair Basketball already enjoys an established relationship with Kukri, who have been the sports official clothing partner since November 2020, and today’s announcement reinforces their commitment to the development and growth of the sport through their investment in the Junior Programme.” Lisa Pearce, Chief Executive, British Wheelchair Basketball

“We are ecstatic to extend our partnership with British Wheelchair Basketball, for the next 5 years. It is a truly unique relationship where we are looking to drive the sport in the country to achieve so much, it is so exciting where BWB are taking it and we are so proud to support this! The product is so important to this partnership too, we are continually looking to develop our offering to ensure we are delivering kit that performs for the athletes, made specifically for wheelchair basketball players, and can’t wait to see these products out on court.” Josh Beal – Sales Director, Kukri Sports

Kukri Sports are a global sportswear supplier offering superior quality bespoke garments, across multiple sports, from grassroots, to elite level. To find out how we can support your sportswear needs visit www.kukrisports.com


Kukri Sports are the proud partner of Ulster Rugby and have been the official kit, training, and leisurewear supplier since 2008. We supply kit for the men’s and women’s senior teams, the Ulster Academy and age grade teams as well as coaches, referees and staff working across the province of Ulster. This includes competition and training wear for the teams. We also have with an on-site shop and a retail range which recently included the launch of limited-edition collections. Visit the online shop.

We spoke to Stuart Martin, Head of Marketing and Communications at Ulster Rugby.

How important is it the get the right kit for the Ulster Team?

“It’s fundamental to the performance of our Men’s and Women’s teams that they have the right kit for success – whether that’s for training, in the gym, for travel or the kit they take to the field in under the Friday night lights. It’s also essential that we kit out our Academy, Age-Grade and representative teams – as well as our off-field and rugby development staff – to ensure they can carry out their roles on a day to day basis all across the province.”

What has it been like working with Kukri as a kit supplier?

“Kukri have been a very proactive partner with us, working together to create bespoke items across our playing and training ranges that better express our provincial colours in particular. Kukri also supported our vision to see our Women’s team play in the same kit design as the men from season 2020/21 and make this available for sale. So regardless of whether it’s the men’s team or women’s team that our next generation of fans have an affinity with, then they can walk into our store – or jump online – and pick the same jersey worn by their heroes.”

Hopes for the future of Kukri’s partnership with Ulster Rugby?

Neil Patterson, Country Manager, NI and ROI at Kukri, said “We have been the proud kit supplier of Ulster Rugby since 2008. The team at Kukri Sports have gone above and beyond to support the club’s kit requirements and ensure that we are constantly evolving the kit’s design and performance. We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Ulster and are excited for our future with them.”

Ulster Rugby is one of the four professional provincial rugby teams from Ireland.

The team compete in the United Rugby Championship and the Heineken Champions Cup. The team represents the IRFU Ulster Branch, which is one of the four primary branches of the IRFU and is responsible for rugby union throughout the geographical Irish province of Ulster, comprising six counties in Northern Ireland and three in the Republic of Ireland.

Ulster play their home games at the Kingspan Stadium in Belfast which has a capacity of 18,000. The province plays primarily in white and the team crest features a red hand within two rugby balls, the red hand being taken from the provincial flag of Ulster.

Ulster turned professional along with its fellow Irish provinces in 1995 and has competed in the PRO14 (previously Celtic League / PRO12) since it was founded in 2001, having previously competed in the annual interprovincial championship. Ulster A team compete in the British and Irish Cup. Ulster won the Heineken Cup in 1999, the Celtic Cup in 2003 and the Celtic League in 2006.

Find out more about Ulster Rugby: https://ulster.rugby/

To find out more about the benefits of partnering with Kukri Sports, get in touch: https://www.kukrisports.co.uk/contact/


Grassroots sports offer a range of benefits for those who take part. Whilst improving fitness levels it provides many transferable skills and experiences.

As well as developing the skills needed to succeed in the sport, participants learn about the importance of teamwork and supporting each other to achieve something greater than individual successes. It also highlights the importance of adhering to rules and fairness, whilst exposing them to diversity within their community.

At Kukri we are proud to support grassroots sports by offering a wide selection of bespoke teamwear. As the official sportswear provider for many elite partners, including Ulster Rugby Club, we offer products developed for professionals, which can be worn and designed by you for your team.

Kukri Sports have been the proud sportswear provider for Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club for over 10 years. We provide a competitive and training wear range for the mini and juniors as well as the Women’s and Men’s team.

Founded in 1869, the club is one of the oldest ‘Northern’ rugby union teams. The following resolution was passed: ‘That a club be at once formed in Preston to play football with the rugby rules of the game but without hacking. That the club be called ‘The Preston Grasshoppers’.

To find out more about Preston Grasshoppers visit www.pgrfc.co.uk

 “Over the last 9 years our partnership between Hoppers and Kukri has come on leaps and bounds. They have done a fantastic job catering for all in our Clothing Apparel needs all the way from our Mini and Juniors to our Colts and Senior Teams. Kit is of the highest quality and is ever evolving to ensure that we are always in the best kit possible. We look forward to continual partnership leading into the 2022/2023 season.” Gareth Dyer – Head of Rugby Operations at Preston Grasshoppers

 “We have a longstanding partnership with Preston Grasshoppers. We are proud to provide our grassroots clubs with the same standard of kit we provide our elite level team Ulster Rugby with. We work closely with the teams to ensure we provide a perfectly designed kit that performs and fits well. We look forward to our future together with the club.” Iain Wright – Sales Manager at Kukri Sports.

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