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Elevating Dynamic Sports to New Heights

In a world where mainstream sports often take precedence, Kukri Sports stands firm in its belief that every sport, regardless of its level of exposure, deserves recognition and support. Our commitment to championing sports seen as ‘niche’ extends beyond merely providing apparel; it’s about enriching the global sports culture and ensuring that every athlete has the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Our partnerships with organisations such as England Lacrosse, British Fencing, British Wheelchair Basketball, and Pickleball Ireland exemplify our dedication to inclusivity and excellence. Through these collaborations, we offer tailored support to each sport, ranging from designing specialised apparel to sponsoring events and initiatives that promote growth and participation.

England Lacrosse benefits from our collaboration in its development across all levels, from grassroots to elite competition, ensuring that players have the necessary resources for success. British Fencing and British Wheelchair Basketball receive our commitment to inclusivity through customised apparel that enhances performance and aligns with the unique demands of each sport. Pickleball Ireland, with its growing community, is also fully supported in nurturing the sport and equipping players with high-quality sportswear tailored to their specific needs.

At Kukri Sports, inclusivity is ingrained in our ethos. We firmly believe that every athlete, irrespective of their sport’s mainstream popularity, deserves the opportunity to pursue their passion and realize their aspirations. Through our innovative sportswear and steadfast support, we are broadening the horizons for niche sports and fostering a more inclusive and diverse sporting community.

Join us as we continue to dismantle barriers and celebrate the passion, dedication, and diversity that define sports. Together, let’s ensure that every athlete, regardless of their chosen sport, has the platform to shine. At Kukri Sports, we take pride in supporting athletes in their quest for excellence.

Your Sport. Your Team. Your Design

At Kukri Sports, we support athletes across over 100 different sports worldwide. From cricket to rugby, hockey, netball athletics, and niche sports, our customisable apparel is designed to enhance performance and fit your unique needs

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