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In the pursuit of victory, athletes endure physical challenges, yet often grapple with unseen mental struggles. Recognising this, Kukri Sports collaborates with its diverse partner teams to help destigmatize mental health and empower athletes both on and off the field.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, athletes from our partner teams shared their personal journeys.

Hong Kong China Rugby (Asia)

Kukri Sports proudly supports the Hong Kong China Men’s and Women’s teams, enabling them to excel at the Hong Kong Sevens (HK7s).

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Representing Hong Kong on the international stage comes with a unique set of mental demands.

“Some of the most obvious challenged I faced were during major injuries,” said Chloe Chan, HKC Women’s Sevens player.

“Feeling isolated when the team is training or competing was tough, but I learned to switch off and spend time with loved ones. Journaling my milestones helped me stay positive and overcome obstacles.”

Max Denmark, HKC Sevens Men’s player, added: “My biggest challenge was losing an Olympic qualifier early in my career. I felt a heavy burden and disconnected for a long time. But after seeking help from a therapist, I learned to let go and move on. It was tough, but I came out stronger.

“Every athlete faces challenges, and it’s okay to seek help. We shouldn’t feel like we have to deal with everything alone.”

UBC Women’s Rugby (Canada)

As a proud partner of the UBC Women’s Rugby team, we collaborate with the team on their playing kit and specific rugby apparel, ensuring it is durable and comfortable for the players. The team has enjoyed great success over recen, being crowned Canada West Women’s Rugby Champions in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023.

Speaking on the importance of mental health in sport, Dean Murten, Head Coach of UBC Rugby’s Ladies Team, said “We have an open-door policy so athletes can talk with coaches at any time.

“These athletes are first and foremost people; they are under large amounts of pressure to perform. The more awareness and letting them know it’s good to talk helps them stay in a positive state of mind.”

Dean also praised Kukri’s impact on the wider support they provide to help with athletes’ mental health. “Partners like Kukri are great as they offer scholarships that provide financial support to student athletes, allowing them to dedicate the required time to their education and sport without added pressure.”

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Kieran Molloy (Ireland)

Kukri Ambassador Kieran Molloy, an exciting Irish professional boxer, shares his journey and underscores the importance of communication and support amidst pressures.

“As an athlete I’ve been through many ups and downs.

“I like to always remember why I am doing this. To see the pride in my parents’ eyes after a victory means everything to me and keeps me motivated.

“It’s important to let people who are close to you know how you are feeling. There’s a lot of pressures & expectations on athletes that can be difficult to deal with, but at the end of the day we are all human beings and have the same feelings as everyone else.”

Mental health is key to unlocking an athlete’s potential. By fostering open conversations and providing necessary resources, we are committed to helping athletes across sports thrive on and off the field.

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If you need mental health support, reach out to your primary healthcare provider for guidance. You can also call Samaritans on 116 123 or click here to view the full list.