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This year, Kukri Sports celebrates 25 years of innovation and dedication to the global sporting community.

For 25 years, we have improved athletes’ performance and style across various sports, building strong global partnerships with educational institutions, national governing bodies, and professional clubs. These relationships have established us as a leading supplier of multi-sports sportswear, empowering communities and individuals in their sporting endeavours.

Supporting a wide range of sports

We play a pivotal role in supporting athletes across a wide range of sports, including Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Athletics, Gymnastics, and Hockey.

Over the years, we have been the official partner and merchandise supplier for prestigious events and teams such as the Hong Kong Sevens, Waikato Rugby and Team Canada.

Our expansion into various sports reflects our commitment to meeting athletes’ evolving needs, evidenced by partnerships with England Athletics and England Lacrosse, as well as British Fencing and British Wrestling, who we partnered with in 2022.

Last year, we expanded our support to the Barbados Olympic Association, and this year, we announced a new partnership with Pickleball Ireland, providing support for the inaugural Pickleball Ireland National Championships which saw over 500 pickleball enthusiasts compete.

Innovative Kit Developments

We have continuously pushed boundaries in kit development, producing and sourcing over 13 million garments to partners across the globe.

We develop innovative solutions to help athletes perform their best, from moisture-wicking fabrics to advanced temperature control.

Our commitment to ongoing improvement extends to sustainability, prioritizing the use of eco-friendly materials in all our sportswear. Our sustainable range, launched in 2021, integrates eco-friendly production processes, ensuring durability change, making our sportswear suitable for athletes across a variety of sports. Find out more here.

Expanding our global presence

From our origins in the United Kingdom, we have expanded our reach over the past 25 years, establishing a strong presence in key regions worldwide, including most recently Saudi Arabia, China and South Africa.

We also have offices in regions such as Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and Ireland and the Middle East.

Reflecting on a significant milestone for the business, Andrew Ronnie, Group CEO at Kukri Sports, said “Celebrating 25 years of Kukri Sports fills us with immense pride. From our start producing bespoke teamwear since 1999, our mission to empower athletes remains unchanged. This milestone reflects the dedication of our team, partners, and the athletes who trust Kukri. We look forward to continuing innovating, expanding, and making a positive impact on sports worldwide.”

Celebrating 25 Years of Sporting Excellence

As we commemorate our 25th year anniversary, we look forward to the next chapter of innovation, collaboration, and sporting excellence. With a legacy built on passion and performance, we remain dedicated to empowering athletes to participate in sport and reach new heights, regardless of their ability, age or gender.