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Meet the YTP Ambassadors

Paris King

What athletics club and school/college are you associated to?

“I am associated to Havering AC and my School is King Solomon.”

What event do you compete in?

“I compete in 80 metre hurdles. I was always interested in how athletes had the ability to sprint and jump at the same time, and I wonder if I could ever be that skilled enough to achieve these techniques. My Mum and my old Coach were one of the first people to encourage me into doing hurdles.”

What is your Personal Best and what is your greatest achievement?

“My Personal Best is 11.02 seconds, and my greatest achievement is becoming English Champion of 2022 in 80 metre hurdles. I was initially very shocked after achieving this and I was so surprised that I even had the ability to be hitting those times, but I was also very proud of myself.”

What are your goals and aspirations?

“My goals are to become the best I can be by working hard and evolving my status within the Athletics field and to perform well overall.”

What motivates you?

“I am motivated to become successful and provide for my family. I know I put in the hard work and I was supported by my Mum especially, who pushed me to train more and become more motivated to keep pushing. My motivation to do well in Athletics stems from trying to provide for my family as I’ve seen my Mum work hard to provide for me and dedicate her time and effort to train me as well, so I want to give back to her and ensure she is given back the time and effort she has always put into me.”