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Meet the YTP Ambassadors

Grace Wall

What athletics club and school/college are you associated to?

I compete for Bedford & County Athletics club. I attend sixth form at Samuel Whitbread Academy.”

What event do you compete in?

“High Jump.”

What is your Personal Best and what is your greatest achievement?

“My high jump personal best is 1.76m, which I achieved in 2022. I would say my greatest achievement is either winning my first ever English Schools, in 2019 where I was a first year Junior girl; I jumped a personal best at the time of 1.68m to win. Or winning the Welsh u20 international, competing for England South and jumping 1.74m to break the stadium record.”

What first got you into the sport?

“I used to compete in gymnastics and dance, and as my family are very sport orientated, I watched lots of Athletics on TV with them. I joined the club at 7 (which was the earliest age they would allow) and tried all the events, but began high jump when I was ten, due to my school PE teacher introducing me to my coach after a high jump session in my PE lesson.”

What are your goals and aspirations?

“My goals are to keep continuing to improve and better myself as an athlete whilst achieving higher heights and consistent performances. My main aim and aspiration are for my performances to be recognised and reward being selection to compete for Great Britain and as a result travel to major competitions and compete against the best high jumpers, to really challenge me to deliver higher performances on a bigger stage.”

What motivates you?

“My main motivation is the knowledge that I can always improve alongside the desire for success. I have very clear goals of the heights and competitions I want to reach; this gives me an incentive and therefore encourages me to achieve these aims. As well as experiencing success, challenges also feed motivation, as you do not want to experience underperforming or not achieving as well as you know you are capable of again.”

What do you know about Kukri Sports?

Personally, I have been fortunate enough to be selected to represent England and compete in Kukri kit. I know that as a company Kukri’s customer service department were excellent to deal with. As a customer I felt valued and that I was their priority, and the kit itself was really comfortable to wear and everything I wanted to allow me to perform well.”

What is your favourite sports kit design?

“My favourite sports kit design was England athletics 2022 Commonwealth Games kit; I attended the games and was very close too the athletes wearing your kit, the design and kit itself looked amazing.”

Who is your athletics idol?

“My Athletics idol is Yaroslava Mahuchikh, as she has achieved so much at such a young age.”