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Kukri Sports’ support for para-athletes

Kukri Sports is delighted to launch a new campaign dedicated to showing its support for para-athletes and acknowledging their exceptional accomplishments across a wide range of sports.

This follows on from recent campaigns, which focused on women, men and youth athletes in their chosen sport. They included exclusive interviews with professional Cricket, Netball, Gymnastics & Rugby stars, as well as experiencing a day in the life of Ireland’s rising boxing star, Kieran Molloy, and Northern Diamonds spin bowler Katie Levick.

Throughout July, Kukri will be collaborating with para-athletes from a wide variety of sports. These athletes, who have conquered barriers and overcome obstacles, will provide insightful information for aspiring para-athletes and demonstrate the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through dedication and determination.

We will also be providing a platform for para-athletes from our partners, whilst also showcasing how our products continue to evolve in order to help them perform at their optimum level.

Speaking about the campaign, Kukri Sports’ Sales Director, Josh Beal, stated, “We are honoured to launch this campaign and provide a platform to celebrate para-athletes’ incredible accomplishments. Our aim is to promote diversity and inclusivity by providing sportswear that they feel comfortable, are able to perform and can be proud to wear whilst also helping to foster a society where every individual is recognised for their abilities, regardless of limitations.”

By highlighting the incredible talent and achievements of para-athletes, Kukri hopes to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and equal sporting landscape.

Throughout this campaign and with the support of our partners, Kukri hopes to empower para-athletes, inspire the next generation, and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse sports industry.