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Is Lacrosse The Unsung Gem of Australian Sports?

At Kukri Sports, we champion the spirit of athleticism across all sports, including lacrosse, a sport that, despite being overshadowed by cricket, rugby, and Aussie rules football, deserves more recognition and support.

Lacrosse has a rich history in Australia, introduced in the late 19th century and governed today by Lacrosse Australia. The sport’s various formats—field, box, and women’s lacrosse—offer something for everyone, showcasing versatility and excitement.

Australian lacrosse players have made significant strides internationally, competing admirably against traditional powerhouses. The success of players like Hall of Famer Sue Sofarnos highlights the talent and potential within the country. However, the sport struggles with limited media coverage, funding, and resources, often overlooked in favor of more established sports.

At Kukri Sports, we believe lacrosse deserves a more prominent place in Australia’s sporting landscape. One way we contribute to this is by addressing the sport’s sportswear needs. We are proud to be the official kit providers for Lacrosse Victoria and Lacrosse Queensland, while also supplying kit to Lacrosse New South Wales and Lacrosse Western Australia. Our commitment to these partnerships underscores our dedication to supporting and growing the sport across the country.

“Kukri Sports is committed to the growth and development of lacrosse in Australia. By providing high-quality playing uniforms and partnering with key lacrosse associations, we aim to elevate the sport’s profile and support the next generation of lacrosse athletes,” says Aaron Zwart, Sales Manager at Kukri Sports.

We see immense potential for lacrosse to grow in Australia, fitting well with the nation’s athletic culture. As a sports brand dedicated to promoting diverse sports, we are committed to supporting lacrosse teams and players across the country. By partnering with Lacrosse teams in Australia, we aim to enhance the sport’s visibility and development.

Lacrosse deserves more than a footnote in Australia’s sporting narrative. With dynamic gameplay and rich history, it can captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of athletes. At Kukri Sports, we are dedicated to ensuring lacrosse flourishes for years to come.