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Bucks For Kukri Kitted BUCS

Students who excel in sport at Kukri clad Birmingham University will be rewarded in cash if they win a BUCS medal in any of the 49 BUCS - British Universities and Colleges Sport to you and me! - recognised sports' Leagues and Championships.

The scheme has been named 'Bucks for BUCS' and it's aim is to award successful athletes a certain sum of money at the end of the 2009/10 season based on the number of BUCS points they contribute towards Birmingham's total.

For example, the cricket team take part in an indoor championship every year. If a gold medal were earned this year, the team would be awarded 300, which is recommended to be split into three seperate payments of 100 for outstanding individuals.

The initiative was kicked into action mainly to prevent Birmingham slipping further down the BUCS points table, after their recent fall from 3rd to 4th as well as giving players extra motivation to win.
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Friday 27-06-2014